Wow! This is the worst company in the history of the USA.My husband got on line and ordered a dozen of red roses and a teddy bear for my Birthday which also falls on Valentine's Day.

What a mistake! First the flowers where delivered by the UPS man. Second they were half dead. Third there was only 6 Roses with 4 half dead carnations.

Forth there was no Teddy bear or ribbon for the vase. The flowers had no water tubes and looked like I cut them from a rose Bush along side of a busy highway.When we tried to contact the company my day couldn't have got any worse.I was put on hold several times stating I was #26, then 14,7 then nothing. We tried to contact the company at least 12 different times with no avail. constantly being on put on hold.When I finally got someone to answer(Trish) she said hello and put me back on hold before I could even get a ahh out of my mouth.

After trying several more times again 29,24,14,7 on the *** I could take it any more. I told my husband to call his credit card company and dispute the payment. By far this company has the worst service both delivery and customer service I have ever dealt with. I get better service at a fast food restaurant!

To all that read this Do your self a favor DON'T EVER ORDER FROM THIS JUNKY NON FLOWER MOM & POP NON flower shop!They should be shut down, or sued for false advertisement. This MOM & POP shop SUCKS!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $101.

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