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Since I was out of the country on business on my anniversary, I decided to surprise my wife by having some flowers delivered to her work, and thought Avas Flowers had some reasonable prices. That was until the final total came up and they had tacked on an almost $20 (!!) "handling fee" to the order. Like an ***, I went ahead and ordered the flowers anyway. I scheduled a delivery date 4 days in the future.

The next day (3 days away from delivery) I had second thoughts about spending that much money on some rinky-*** flowers, and after consulting with my wife, I decided to cancel the order. Well, upon calling Avas Flowers, I was told that they don't accept cancellations and that I could go pound sand. Not in those words exactly, but you get the picture. This was after spending literally hours calling their contact number over and over again and getting transferred between different people until finally someone took my call.

I told the receptionist that they had two choices: 1) refund my money and have a chance at still getting some business from me, or 2) be a bunch of asshats, at which time I will dispute the claim with my bank, and they'll get no money and absolutely zero chance of repeat business.

Guess which one they chose?

Review about: Avasflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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An additional tidbit--I did some research on the company, trying to find who owned it, and came up with null. That in itself is extremely suspicious.

But I did find out that the "Customer Service Director" is a guy named Richard Navarro. Unfortunately, that's kind of a common name, so my search ended there.

I did a little bit more research on the domain registration for their website and found out it was registered with Godaddy by a business called "Domains by Proxy." It's a service designed to provide customers with anonymity in web hosting. The domain was first registered back in 2008.

So yeah... this business was designed to be a scam from the very beginning.

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