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This company will not pay for my son's medical bills after he shoved a rose up his nose. They have no warning to keep away from small children and I think this is very lax on their part.

I some ways though I think this is a blessing when they removed the rose they also found a small plastic piece in his nose.

Companies should realize that kids are always shoving things up their nose besides fingers. They should take steps to mitigate this dangerous trend.

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Watch your children- really? Where is the responsible adult?

Get a life - seriously- I am sure you are on Obama care too- right? I probably paid for your son's stupidity- not you anyways.

London, England, United Kingdom #1108765

Just be glad he did not shove the rose where the sun don't shine. Sorry for your inconvenience. I want am upset too, I got pricked by a thorn.

Pennsylvania, United States #1108764

If you are looking for a class action lawsuit contact me. You see we bought flowers for my son's graduation and he had an allergic reaction.

His eyes were watering and he was sneezing. It was not as serious as yours, but no where did it say there was an allergen warning and well even though my son enjoyed his graduation he still had the allergic reaction.

to Peter #1116454

seriously? Its flowers!!!

dont let your son walk outside too- or you will want to sue Mother Nature- get real people. Quit being so ***.


I know you are trolling, or at least I hope, but there was this lady who actually tried to sue a beach because her son nearly drowned because he was unsupervised. Her claim was there was no sign saying that you children should be supervise so she did not know that she had to carefully watch her curious naive five year old non swimmer around water.

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