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I placed an on-line order for the 30 multicolor stem tulips w/vase. Came home to a voice mail saying my order could not be completed because they were afraid that the shipment of tulips would not come in time for the next day delivery guarantee.

However they would send a replacement with bright beautiful flowers equal in value instead to be delivered 1st thing in the morning. When I called them back they said because they could not send my original order they would upgrade my order for the inconvenience. I was very hesitant of sending something that I didn't even pick out because I didn't know what it would look like or if it would really be of the same value. I was assured it would be valued more than my original order of $76.93.

The next evening I went to visit my mother-in-law at the hospital and NO FLOWERS at all were delivered! The very next morning before I went to work I called customer service once again, I was told that the flowers should have been delivered the prior day however there must have been a "glitch" in the system. They would resend the flowers, however it would have to be next day delivery (once again). I told them I wanted my original order of 30 MULTICOLOR STEM TULIPS W/VASE + THE UPGRADE THAT WAS PROMISED ME!

I was told that my account would be fully credited for all the trouble I have had. My entire delivery was repeated back to me...along with the fact that my account would be fully credited. We are now on the 4th day passed since I placed my order on-line. My husband had to call customer service to give them her home address because my mother-in-law was now discharged from the hospital.

We checked with my mother-in-law and she told me nothing had yet been delivered (this was at 5:00 pm). I once again called customer service and was told it was "on the truck". I then got a confirmation email that the delivery was completed and some woman by the name of "Weber" had signed for it???? THEY DELIVERED TO THE WRONG HOUSE!!!

After tracking down who Webster was, my father-in-law had to go down the street to pick up the flowers!! Both my in-laws were home all day! It is now Easter Sunday and my family went to spend the day with my in-laws and much to my surprise when I saw this vase with NOT EVEN 1/2 OF THE 30 TULIPS I ORDERED!! I WAS SOOOO ANGRY!!

IT TAKES SEVERAL DAYS FOR THE FLOWERS TO BE DELIVERED, THEY DELIVERED TO THE WRONG HOUSE, I GET JIPPED OUT OF MORE THAN 1/2 MY ORDER, NO UPGRADE AS PROMISED, AND THEY STILL CHARGED ME FULL PRICE!! FRAUD!! DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!! I have been fighting with them every day for over a week now and I am told that it is "COMPANY POLICY...NO REFUNDS" they only can re-deliver the flowers or give me store credit???

Who would want store credit??? I don't ever want to do business with these people again!!

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