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This has to be the worst flower shop I have ever used. Do not use them service is horrible

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Don't order from this company. They don't make deliveries as promised. They don't respond to phone calls in a timely manner. Expect to remain on hold to talk to someone about your problem for 30 minutes and they don't issue refunds for non performance of service. Thank goodness I ordered through MasterCard so that I can get a refund from mc.

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Called at 2:00 and asked if I could get delivery that day (last minute). Person said they would check. I was on hold 10 minutes. GOOD NEWS!! They could do it! Woman takes 30 minutes to get my information. I tell her I want to keep it around $50. No way. In spite of a 45% off special, it is going to cost $89. Ok fine. What color vase, bow, balloon do I want. Whatever, I say. Ok that will be $109. WHAT? I am getting a $150 bouquet for $100?... Read more

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I received a dozen roses as a thank you gift from a friend of mine. The roses were beautiful and the only problem is was that they were white. I like red roses so I decided to spray paint them. I lightly spray painted them red and they looked beautiful. The next day however the flowers were dead. What sort of weak roses do they send that a little spray paint will kill them. I was seriously disappointed that I did not get to see my red roses for... Read more

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My stuck a rose up his nose. Who is gonna pay the doctor bill.

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I am very upset that this company does not accept other companies coupons. Linen's & Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond always did this and I thought it was common practice. Not with this company. I had several coupons from their competitors but I was not satifisied with their service so I decided to give them a try. But they would not accept my coupons. I think this is a very short sighted policy of theirs. Beside I had enough coupons that I... Read more

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Avasflowers - Bait and switch - did not receive what was advertised
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I ordered flowers for a friend's birthday. Called and asked if I was talking to the actual florist. The woman told me yes, she was in the "back" room. I then asked if she could check to see if the flowers I wanted were in stock/available. She acted as if she was checking and came back on and said yes. Of course, she wasn't there. When my friend sent me a photo of the DELUXE arrangement for which I paid extra, it looked like ***. The flowers were... Read more

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NEVER order from here!I was told my flowers would make it on valentines day and they arrived 4 days later.I tried to call & got put on hold 3 times & then your phone system hung up.I got 3 emails from 3 different managers....asking if I didn't like the arrangement? IT HADNT ARRIVED AT THAT TIME. Telling me they would refund the whole order... & One telling me they would just refund the shipping & service fees!NEITHER OF THOSE... Read more

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Avasflowers - Purchased Christmas Package of 3 months of in season flower deliveries
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December bouquet arrived at noon after requesting an after 4pm delivery - petals on all flowers frozen, bouquet died w/in 2 days. January delivery DID NOT happen until I called on Jan 30th. The EXACT SAME bouquet arrived EXACT same flower types AND with freezer burns...dead bouquet after 1 hour. Requested replacement bouquet and was told it was to be delivered the next day.....No surprise here...no bouquet. Contact them for the 4th time... Read more

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My son ordered flowers for mother's day, when they finally arrived a day late they were half dead and the stems had the most pathetic blooms I have ever seen. Small and stick like. Called the company to complain and they said they would redeliver them on a specific date, I waited the entire day with no delivery, I also waited the following day until I called to complain again. They said the redelivery was never put in right. She wanted to... Read more

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