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Ordered flowers and Avas sent a completley different arrangement that looks nothing like what I ordered. When I called to fix the issue, they said I approved a "designers choice" which doesn't mean substituting flowers based on availability but that the company can send whatever they want regardless of how much you paid. I paid 100 dollars for a cheap, tacky arrangement that looks like something from a supermarket put into a cheap vase. I talked...
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I didn't like
  • Rude lying to customer did not deliver product
  • Rude
  • No refund policy on order
I had ordered flowers, a balloon & a card to be sent to a patient coming out of hip replacement surgery. The whole point was to have it there when they came to. I got an email the next day - WAY past the time it was supposed to have been there - telling me they couldn't deliver for another 3 days!!! The patient was not even going to still be in the hospital!!! I got my money back - after using some words I don't usually use - and WILL NEVER use...
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I liked
  • Got a refund
I didn't like
  • Anything about this company
  • Patient did not receive flowers ordered
  • Lied about delivery options
I had carefully selected what I wanted to send to an associate of mine. I picked exactly the right size to express my sentiments neither too large or flashly or too small that would make me look cheap. Well they left me an email that they could not deliver that afternoon (not a big deal I did order rather late) and would delivery the next day. Then they said they would upgrade the order for free because of the inconvenience. I did not want an...
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DONT WAST YOUR TIME, Absolute worst company EVER!! Ordered flowers for Best Friends Bday on Friday to be delivered on Sat by 4pm, never delivered called at 4pm and they said they were sorry there was a problem with the computer system and they woul give me back $9.99 service fee, and a $20 store credit and add 'a COUPLE' more flowers to my arrangement to make it more beautiful and would be delivered on Tues BY NOON because Monday was a holiday....
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I don't really know. As far the as the recipients are concerned, they never got anything from me for the memorial sservice. I called Avas 8 times, each time, I was put on hold for 20 minutes and then was cut off. The 9the time, I immediately asked for a supervisor. After waiting another ten minutes, I got someone who clearly was assigned to get rid of pesky consumers. She eventually told me some story that the arrangement was delivered but...
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Ordered a bouquet of flowers for delivery, which were never received. I called up to ask where the flowers were. The first time, the representative apologized and said he'd have someone call me the next day. Nobody called the next day, and neither were the flowers delivered. I called again later that next day, but I was connected through the phone tree to someone who just plain hung up on me. Again I called and was hung up on, so I called...
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I was shocked and disappointed when I ordered flowers all I received was flowers. I was expecting at least a balloon or maybe a ribbon. What a cheap bunch of people. The flowers were beautiful but they were just flowers. I mean you could not enhance the experience with a small freebie or something. This is very cheap. Beware if you order just flowers that is all you will get just flowers. I will never get a floral arrangement from this company...
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I ordered a bouquet for valentines day to be sent to my distance girlfriend, what she received was borderline compost. She could not even tell what type of flowers they were. I sent two emails and made three phone calls. I tried to get a new arrangement sent to my girlfriend, nothing has come. It has already been a week and now customer support is telling me there is nothing they can do for me. I was robbed of my money which is a big deal to me...
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I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mother on Christmas Eve. She received nothing, not even a card to show that they had been there, even though they claimed to have DELIVERED the flowers. I requested a refund by email, and several DAYS later received a phone call at 7:30am on Saturday from a CSR who requested a call back. I called back the same day, and was told they would call me back in 10-15 minutes. They didn't call again for two more...
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