Like many others I should have read the reviews before ordering.

My father passed away in March of this year, May 23rd would have been my parents 33rd wedding anniversary. My moms favorite is yellow roses.

I wanted to do something nice for her so I decided to order 33 yellow roses for her. This website had the best deal...so I thought.

I ordered them two weeks in advance so they would be delivered on time. The day of the delivery I came home and there was one of the three dozen on the doorstep. I opened them and every single one of them were dead.

I called to see when the other two dozen would be showing up, the customer service rep, Denise, told me they did not feel the rest were up to par to send to me and I would be getting them the next day. No one called me to tell me they weren't sending them. I explained to her that I was leaving for ohio the next morning hence why I made the delivery date when I did. She offered to have them delivered when I return. I demanded a refund and she told me that the arrangement was already made and she would charge me a 50% restocking fee. I told demanded to talk to a supervisor at least 6 times. She kept telling me that he was not available and even if he was he would just tell me the same thing she was. I told her if she did not put him on the phone I would be contacting my lawyer. She transferred me....

I explained to him the situation and he said that it was Fed ex fault that they did not arrive on time. He told me they were in Brooklyn.....Denise told me they were still at the flower shop. He told me that she was incorrect and they were already out for delivery and I would receive them in the morning.

He also offered me a $10 refund....I paid $100 for these dead flowers. I told him to keep his store credit because I would never buy from them again. I made a trip to wegmans which I should have done to begin with, they had just enough yellow roses to do what I originally planned....and it only cost me $37

Needless to say my flowers never showed up Friday morning...they showed up Saturday evening....dead like the first dozen.

Please do not ever order from this company, worst experience I ever had.

Review about: Avasflowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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