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Avas is one of many sending only call centers. They are spin-offs of places like Teleflora, FTD, and 1800flowers, but unlike these three they don't care if you get what you ordered as long as the florist who accepts their order can put something together and get it delivered.

None of them can guarantee you that they can place your order with a reputable florist, and some will send your flowers by mail, dry packed in boxes. I'm not certain what country Avas is based out of but they have two call center hubs here in the United States; one in New York and one in New Jersey. They are only local if you live in the cities where they are located in those two states. These spin-off call centers will have every item on the sites on sale.

No reputable florist can do that or they would soon be out of business. Avas will include a link to a photo of what you ordered. The problem with that is that it links to an overseas website that is not a secure site and most times the link will not open as it sets off all the bells and whistles with computer security software. If their link will not open, the real florist is left with only a random description of the colors of flowers that are included in your bouquet.

While it's frustrating not getting the correct arrangement, it's even more frustrating that you don't get any delivery at all. If a reputable florist cannot duplicate the item you purchased for the money they receive over the wire services, they refuse the order and leave it to Avas or other call center to find a florist who will accept the order. Most times, the florist receives about half of what you paid for a bouquet, and you have to be careful when ordering plants what size plant you are paying for. I cannot tell you amount of orders we receive at our shop that are for a 4" potted plant for a total of $49.

I can go to Walmart and get a 4" potted plant for $4. You've also paid all of their extra fees so your 4" plant cost you $70 or $80. These call centers advertise everywhere and show up first on search engines. There are some that advertise in my local yellow pages and are located on the other end of the country from us.

They have ads everywhere including funeral home websites. Real florist will not have ads all over the web. They'll have a website with local phone numbers and addresses, where if you don't see what you like, you can call and order it without hassle and without worry that your flowers won't get delivered. As a floral design specialist for over 25 years, I can tell you that these call centers are the bane of the floral industry.

The three major call centers are Teleflora, FTD and 1800flowers. All others are spin-offs of these. These three also provide florists with the ability to send flowers all over the world using one of their wire services, but florists pay big fees for the use of these services. The last thing we want is an unsatisfied customer.

We like staying in business. Lastly, when looking for a real florist online, scroll down the page until you see local phone numbers and addresses. Most of us no longer have 800 #'s as long distance is now free and most people have cell phones. If you're looking for a local florist, call a local number or find the closest florist where you live and call them.

They can do a florist to florist order and you will get what you're looking for and it will get delivered with 15 minutes of a specified delivery time if there is any way possible. Like I said, we like to stay in business and keeping our customers happy is the way to do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avasflowers Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I wish this post could stay on the main page. There is a lot of helpful information in it.

Savannah, Tennessee, United States #1324124

I sure wish I had read your post before shelling out $107.93, for nothing !!!

Leason Learned !!

to Melissa Henry Moody, Alabama, United States #1324132

Call your credit card provider and ask them to reverse the charges.

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