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I ordered flowers from michigan for our new granddaughter,I myself have been a florist for 27 years! I looked at Avas website & liked what i saw.

I directly called Avas & spoke to a young lady named Linda. My order was simple,I wanted a Teleflora product Delux. She guaranteed me they carried the keepsake vase. I explained to her that with my floral experience I would certainly understand if they did not have the keepsake vase & I would be fine with ordering something else.

She said no we have it no problem! So,as I ordered,she sent an email to my cell phone confirming the order (mind you I was calling from my business phone) I questioned why she had typed all the flowers out,with substitutions and not just the teleflora name of the actual arrangement? She explained that is the way they have to write up the order! So,the day went on,no confirmation of delivery,then I receive a picture of flowers that I never ordered!

Called Avas only wanting the arrangement replaced,they refused! They addressed me to call them back the next day (inconveniencing me once again) but that they had it all noted in the system. So,the next morning I called. The supervisor,Melanie S.

stated the "designers" who created my arrangement were unable to address the issue & she could not get ahold of them! So,I told her I only wanted the arrangement replaced with the correct order,she said that is not their policy! So,I wanted a refund minus the delivery because understandably it was delivered. She said they could only give back 15% but she'd make an exception & give me 20%!

In all my years as a florist,the first thing we would do is replace an arrangement & pick up the other arrangement! They REFUSED! oh and might I add they offered a $10 in store credit! which I refused because #1 I'm out of state so it does not "apply" to me & #2 why would I shop there again?

This is A HORRIBLE flower shop and should not even be in business!! It's so sad that they do not care if their customer is happy,they would rather just take their money & say "oh well" Karma will catch up real fast with them and I will be SURE to spread the word of this terrible experience!!!

Review about: Avasflowers Arrangement.

Reason of review: Not description of order .

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Chelsea, Alabama, United States #1315225

Ava's is one of many sending only call centers and not a real florist. Once people realized how much money Teleflora, FTD and 1800flowers were making, these call centers started popping up all over.

Not to sound rude, but you having worked or owned a florist, you should have known that we don't have every item on our websites on sale. We'd be out of business very quickly. Ava's has two hubs in the US. One in NY and one in NJ.

The real florist, if any will keep the order, receives about half of what you paid for the bouquet. They also have to take their delivery fee out of that total. One example... For Easter Ava's is advertising tulips and irises with chocolate Easter egg candy in a container and a plush bunny for $49.99.

the bouquet contains two bunches of Iris and ten tulips in different colors. Retail at a real florist around $100. The bunny for $15 and candy for at least $10, but they have it all totaled in that $49.99 order. So, a real florist cannot duplicate what you bought at Ava's price.

These sending only call centers are the bane of the floral industry and should all be out of business as far as I'm concerned. I deal with them every day at a real florist and they will hound you all day long regardless of how many times you tell them no. All Ava's sends a real florist is a vague description with a link to a photo that usually won't open because it's on an unsecured web link. The filling Florist then fills the order by the description given to the value of the money they received.

The best way to avoid these call centers is to scroll down the search page until you see local numbers and addresses.

Those will be your real florists. Most of us have also dropped our 800 numbers since long distance is free with most phone service providers.

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