A close friend and co-worker's father recently passed away. As a company that works with photography and photo services we decided to help her with her photos and as an extra help each of us donated ten dollars to buy her and her family food, flowers, and any extra would go towards her framing and photo orders she got here at our store. We thought that would be a great idea. Under crunch time we managed to get all of her order done, the restaurant finished all the food we ordered within hours of ordering it and threw in extra. Everything was going well. And than the flowers...

When searching for flowers Avas Flowers popped right up advertising themselves as a family run business. Their site seems to really push that they care about their customers. We should have read the reviews, but again, this was crunch time and we needed them for the next day. We as a group decided on an arrangement on their website. The trouble began as early as this... probably should have been a clue. One of our co-workers called to order and was rudely told she had to order online. Funny, because the online ordering wouldn't except the code advertised for forty dollars off after we spent the time filling everything out. So call again we did! The man we talked to continued to try and sell us something different. My co-worker repeated herself twelve times stating "This is what we've all agreed upon I want what I originally asked for." This was a headache, someone has died and this man is telling us we aren't doing good enough and trying to sell us more expensive flowers when we only have so much with the other things we are doing. Finally we got through to him, told him exactly what we wanted and paid. It was a large surprise to find that an order that was advertised as fifty-four dollars suddenly was ninety dollars with NO price breakdown when we saw the receipt.

Then the arrival. Oh boy this just kept getting better and better. The flowers that we ordered where not what we got. Instead of white peace lilies and yellow daisies with greenery in a basket, we received yellow day lilies and a single unopened, damaged white rose in a plastic bowl with browning greenery. It was also missing a ribbon, the man asked "What color ribbon would you like with that?" at which my co-worker asked "It comes with a ribbon?" and he replied yes. Later, when we called to complain and asked for a price breakdown we would find out that the ribbon DID NOT come with it, but was an extra charge and we didn't even receive it.

We wrote them to complain and then called them. After being being blatantly hung up on twice we finally got to speak to a supervisor who tried to appease us by saying they'd send us a fruit basket. We want a refund. They told us they don't do refunds. We work for an ACTUAL family run business and some of our services involve professionals with four years of college experience and a lot of specialized services, we give refunds. Avas Flowers is a fraud. They scam people out of money and refuse to take responsibility for their unprofessional and negligent business practices. In simpler terms they are full of *** and I'd rather pick up flowers at my grocery store they sure look better than what we paid ninety dollars for from Avas Flowers. 'Customer satisfaction guaranteed' my ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avasflowers Fruit Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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