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My aunt's funeral was yesterday morning in SC. I phoned in an order for flowers based on an on-line ad for Ava's, supposedly a locally owned florist in N.

Charleston. I wanted a dozen pink roses, the guy talked me into a " loving remembrance basket" of red & white roses. I asked if pink roses could be added, "of course," he then asked if I would like a banner? "Yes, with loving memories, Gigi," I answered.

The price rose(pun intended) to $162.92, but that was ok. When he asked about a sympathy card, I thought he just meant what did I want on the card. I spelled the four simple names I wanted on the card. I even told him I would be there to see these, and I really wanted them to be special.

Guess what? No banner, no pink roses, my name spelled incorrectly(how hard is Gail? Does anyone spell it Gailes?) I called the same phone number Sunday evening after I saw what GOLDBERRY's Florist delivered! I explained my dissatisfaction, and was assured the florist would get a message yesterday morning in time to correct the problem.

Of course, GOLDBERRY'S claims they never got the message, that they sent exactly what Ava's(who, according to GOLDBERRY'S, is the WORST service) instructed. Both florist and service claimed there was no mention of pink roses. Ava's did own up to the banner being ordered. They magnanimously offered $20.

Credit!!! Oh, like I will order from them again. Compare the pictures.

Do you think the one with 7 red roses, 4 white roses, some carnations, greenery is worth $162.92? Does it really compare to the other picture?

Well, you guys suckered me once, it will not happen again!

Review about: Avasflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $163.

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I do not think it is worth $162.00 even though I do think they are beautiful. Just not $162.00 worth.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #947971

I had the exact same experience. I understand substitutions or errors but this is blatant disregard for the customer request.

What a shame.


O dear :eek , I'm looking for a florist in my local area one of my coworker informed me that they were great.That florist sound shady, if this company is so bad why did they do the order? I'm confused :?

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #743213

the bird is dead. I am sure she didnt mind the flowers :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh

to Anonymous #937521

wow...no wonder you put your name as anonymous...such a low life comment shows you really are anonymous in life.

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