Avasflowers - Disgusted

I ordered a beautiful bouquet for my mother for Mother's Day and what they sent me was a 1599 may be lower than that bouquet which look nothing like it and will not give me a refund and said it's perfectly adequate from what I ordered

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Not as described
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Avasflowers - Disgusted

They lied to me about the delivery they were supposed to send me a picture of the bouquet they were going to make it because they said they didn't have some of the flowers that I ordered cuz they or not in Bloom which I think is total crap I think they just want to send you whatever they want to send you and take your money I called these people six times nobody ever got back to me and I ordered six balloons to go with that bouquet I ordered that ugly *** bouquet that I got came with one mylar balloon I've been ripped off and this company is the worst company I've ever dealt with and their customer service people know nothing and are confused about everything and I am just so irritated and disgusted how they played me and I will put the word out everywhere I can to never ever ever order from this company

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Not as described
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Avasflowers - Trash place

This company is totally not worth your money. They do not send out the emails they promise about delievery status.

Rude! Terrible! Customer service! Do not deliever products ontime.

Do no not deliever the product pictured in their websites. DO NOT NOT NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM

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Avasflowers - Ruined Mother’s Day

I will never use your services again and will do all in my powers to spread my experience across the internet.

Avas Flowers is incompetent and a substandard service provider.

Fred A. Dunsing, Esq.

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On May 11, 2019, at 12:30 PM, Avas Flowers Customer Support

Dear Fred,

We sincerely apologize but we have reached capacity for the holiday and are unable to process for delivery at the time you've requested. Accordingly, we regret to inform you that we have to cancel the order. We have processed a full refund to your account.


Avas Flowers


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Order processing issue
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Avasflowers - Will never use them again

They claim that they attempted to make my flower delivery but no one was there. It was to a funeral home on the day of the funeral.

I got notified via email after the funeral! When I called customer service, a lady put me on hold to "investigate".

After waiting 50 minutes for her response, I was disconnected. Very poor service.

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Avasflowers - HORRIBLE

I searched for a florist in Franklyn Square and a a’s loped up stating family owned serving the community , I don’t know where they are located . I placed an order to be delivered at 12:30 pm , when they weren’t there I called .

I was disconnected on the 1st call then put on hold -0 times I finLly asked to speak to a manager and was told they won’t tell you anything different. When someone came on stating they were a manager I don’t believe she was , she wouldn’t even let me speak and kept talking over me, telling me they are not answering the phone where ever they were dealing . Answering the phone is how they get orders I believe a lie. Also I never received an email.

The flowers that came some 4 hrs late were not what I ordered . NEVER CALL AVA’S HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

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Avasflowers - Worst service ever

Avas Flowers ia a massive scam. There is nothing family about this company.

They are not a florist, they are a tele-florist.

Nothing but liars.

Ordered flowers for a Wake and had a guarantee from them for delivery. Flowers showed two hours after the Wake and not one time did any of these idiots contact me even though they said they would.


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Avasflowers - RIP OFF

I am not sure how many people get ripped off by Avas flowers. I ordered a plant arrangement with flowers in it.

I even upgrade to the Premium size. I included a mylar balloon and paid for extra card. Total was $91.87. What my cousin received was a tiny rose bush looking plant that looked like something you would get for $10 at the grocery store or walmart.

It even arrived 3 days late and not delivered by a florist but they actually put it in a box and shipped with UPS!!!! What kind of florist is this! I contacted the company and they said because it was over 24 hrs since she received it, they cannot ship out the correct arrangement due to company policy nor can they give me a full refund. I told the manager (Maurice) how is someone supposed to know what item the recipient actually receives unless they send you a pic or you go over there.

I just happened to visit my cousin 3 days later and saw the pathetic arrangement and was so embarrassed. I sent Avas flowers a pic of what was received. They agreed it was not what I ordered but would not send the correct one or give me a full refund. Please do not use this florist or you most likely will get ripped off.

Most people never actually see the floral arrangement they send to people. They just assume it was okay because the recipient wont say it looks bad. As you can see if the photo what was received was about 10 inches.

What I ordered was supposed to be almost 2 feet by 2 feet. (The stock photo from Avas website did not show up well on this site).

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Not as described
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Avasflowers - Orchid for funeral switched to rubber plant after purchase

I tried to place an online for an orchid to be delivered to a funeral. The website froze up on me and I had to call their customer service number.

I should have just went to the local grocery store and purchased something there. Long story short, the guy told me he would give me a better price than I could get online. Needless to say, he didn’t. They actually charged me an additional $18.93 more and I’m unsure what that “service charge” was for.

I can tell you that it wasn’t for their outstanding service! He couldn’t understand English and the sympathy card that I paid an addition $4 for was wrong. I paid for an orchid. They called me twenty minutes later and told me that I couldn’t get an orchid but reassured me that they would deliver something just as beautiful.

What they sent was a green rubber tree looking thing for the same price as an orchid! I could have gone to the grocery store and paid $15 for that, the note/card would have been free and my name would have actually been on the card but I chose to trust this company. I paid $85 and didn't even get my name listed on the sympathy card. I am so horribly disgusted and disappointed with this company and the service that I received.

I would NOT recommend that anyone use this ever.

You will not get what you pay for! >:-(

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Delivered when promised
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Bad service all the way around, Whole buying experience, Flower arrangement, Customer servuce
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Not as described
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Full refund
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Avasflowers - Just a homeowner

I was surprised that this company is still in business after all the bad reviews and most of them had the same problem. The basket had nothing in it like the photo they saw, maybe a few pieces of fruit and never even got there on most peoples date they needed it delivered on.

They call another florist to do the work and pay them half??? I see where people paid unbelievably high prices around $100 and probably got $10.00 worth of fruit!! So sad for all these people who have been subject to this company ripping them off.

I know I will never use them and will pass it around to others not to either. WOW Sad

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