Avasflowers - Ava’s flowers did not delivery my Valentine’s Day flowers

My husband ordered Valentine’s Day flowers for me on Wednesday February 13 2019 he paid an extra 20:00 for them to be delivered on time he spent a total of 92.00 valentine was on the 14th no flowers were delivered and now it’s Friday and still no flowers at this point you ruined my surprise totally so now all I want is a refund we will never do business with you again and l keep calling your number just for it to keep going to voicemail shame on you not even to call me back again my number 216-407-4283 Ava’Flowers you are a rip-off people be aware

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Avasflowers - The worse service ever

I place a order on the 13th with overnight shipping for my daughter and never got it on the 14th and I called customer service many times no never answer the phone.

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Poor customer service
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Deliver product or service ordered
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Avasflowers - I don't think you understand the concept of flower delivery

If you offer a product or a service you should be able to deliver it and also in time! Your customer service team (at least 2 of them) doesn't know how to deal with customers! Worst thing ever, won't recommend you to anyone!

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Avasflowers - Company cannot deliver on Valentine's Day

I called this company to Have Flowers delivered on the same day. I explained to the Representative that if they could not deliver today, please let me know.

I was Promised that they could. not an hour later....I received and email stating that orders delivered 4 days before the Holiday (delivery cannot be guaranteed. I then attempted to contact customer service to cancel the order. Finally after being on hold for over an hour and Customer Service Rep came on the line and she stated that she will have to transfer me to another representative to get my order cancelled.

I was the told that they cannot call me back until tomorrow by an automatic message.

I am sure this is just a way of buying time. I am completely disappointed with this and I will be back in touch with the results of this very unprofessional business tactic.

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Problem with delivery
Preferred solution
Full refund
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Avasflowers - What a joke

i placed an order to Avas flowers online on the 28th of January to be delivered the 13th of February and it was not delivered. i called and got the run around and now it says it for redelivery???

I am actually wondering if they are going to be delivered at all... Ican't reach anyone on the phone and when I do they transfer me and I have to hold an extremely long time......UUUUGGGHHH




my name is Cassie Franks and the company I had a terrible experience with Avas Florists, it says Cassie Franks as the company and this is wrong


This is a review about AVAS Florist not me Cassie Franks somehow this got switched around, bu take my advice do not use AVAS at any cost. Their customer service is non-existent at best, all they is put you on hold and transfer you around the flowers were finally delivered a day late and it was 9 pm on Valentines Day before they delivered them.

This is totally unacceptable to me and no compensation was offered at all. N ever use them, this was all due to their error!!

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Problem with delivery
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Let the company propose a solution
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Avasflowers - Worst ever

The floral arrangement looked nothing like i expected. Then on top of that, after corresponding back and forth with customer service i was tokd that i only had 24 hrs to file a complaint which i did!!!

U be the judge.

The flower arrangement i received on the left, the arrangement i expected on the right. I paid for the premium arrangement.


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The arrangement you paid for is made of silk flowers. Avas doesn't bother to tell you that and live and silk look a lot different.

Avas isn't a florist but a sending only call center with NY and NJ locations.

They wired about half what you paid them to a local florist that created a similar representation in live flowers for the money they received. We receive orders from them daily and refuse the majority of them because there's no way to duplicate the arrangement for the money they send.

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Avasflowers - DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS!!!

I am never one to write a review; however, I have had such a horrible experience with this company that I want to protect others from making the same mistake. I ordered flowers on a Wednesday to be delivered on that same day.

They never arrived. I called Avas helpline and was placed on hold for a half an hour and finally gave up. I called back shortly after and was put on hold again for a significant amount of time. When I finally heard from them, the girl said she would look into it.

I never received the call back she said I would. On Thursday, I called again, was put on hold again, and had to hang up because of the time. When I called now for the 5th time, I was told they were to be delivered on Friday, two days after I had wanted them delivered. Of course, Avas had already billed my account for this.

When I tried to make changes, the helpline employee had such a hard time understanding what I was saying that I felt like I was talking to a child.

The service was atrocious. Save your money and use a different florist!

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I didn’t like
Poor customer service, Lie about delivery, Horrible service line
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Problem with delivery
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Price reduction
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Avasflowers - Buyer Beware-go else where.

Flowers were promised delivery on Monday, come Wednesday we called. took three calls before someone answered the phone and their response was "I'll have to call the developer to see what happened".

Their recorder says we will call you back between 4-4:40, never happened. The sender requested a cancel and a refund, but refused by Avas...just refused a refund...

Flowers arrived on Thursday evening, placed right in front of the screen door, if the door was opened from the inside they would have crashed! Not delivered in a box or bag. The bouquet was very small, not advertised and not what was purchased.

The care instructions on the card were blank and the paint on the vase was peeling off.

The handling fee is way more than a delivery fee. Scam

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Avasflowers - Not happy

I received 2 dozen beautiful roses. But nowhere was there info about who sent them (I am past the age of secret admirers!!). I called customer service to find out where they came from and at first he said he did not know, was going to check with supervisor, put me into the survey where I said I was dissatisfied, then they disconnected me.

The roses are great -- but not a happy solution.

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Avasflowers - Do not buy from Avas

I ordered a floral arrangement for a sick friend. She never received it.

I called Ava's and emailed them at least four times, they keep telling me they are working on it. The flowers were ordered in November!! They take your money and don't deliver. So I lost over $50 and my poor friend never got the flowers.

Stay away from this company. They are a RIP-OFF.

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