I wish Avas Flowers had a rate lower than BAD because actually, Terrible is a more appropriate way to describe my experience with your company.

1. I placed the order a week before Valentine's day to ENSURE that it will be delivered on 02/14/2014.

2. I paid EXTRA (Express Delivery) to ensure , once again, the delivery date.

3. I called numerous times (probably 20) to verify that the EXPRESS delivery you promised will be on time

4. I never got it !!!!!

This is AMAZINGLY terrible, I have no idea if these guys have any respect to a day or a date or the fact that people place order for Valentines Day because the REALLY want it to be on Valentines day. You know what, forget Valentines just get me the order. Nope, no product in our future. Every day it's more promises about today delivery, or another dozen of roses. I got into a HUGE argument with my wife because she didn't believe me for ordering the flowers because this company never delivered and can't stand behind their promise for one second.

I'm more than 20 years in the retail business, this kind of experience NEVER EVER happened to me.

Just terrible. This was the first and the last experience with Avas Flowers, never again. Stay Away from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Avasflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $89.

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