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I know there's a lot of negativity about Avas Flowers and some of the reviews I've read on here don't even look legit! So I felt compelled to write about my POSITIVE experience!

I ordered some flowers through Avas Flowers for my mother-in-law's birthday. Not only did the flowers arrive on time (a day early to be exact), she sent me a picture of the flower arrangements and told me they really brightened up her day! So am I happy with Avas Flowers? You bet I am!!

Thanks Avas, you made me and my mother-in-law two happy costumers!! Thank You AVAS!!!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Probably phoney review. I used them & the flowers were NOTHING like the website photo & customer service was AWFUL! I ordered a PREMIERE bouquet & was embarrassed by the delivery.


Worst florist ever paid for flowers and balloon to be delivered to my daughter for her birthday at school I gave them the address of the school and they said that they do deliver there I even paid an express fee to ensure it was there on time. when my daughter got out of school I found out she never got her flowers are balloon so I called avas flowers to see why and they told me that they don't deliver out that away but that they could deliver the flowers tomorrow to her and I let them know that it is Saturday she is not going to be in school and that they were for her birthday which was Friday the day that they were supposed to be delivered so avas flowers agreed to deliver them to the house I gave them the address they told me they could do that they also said that it would be a priority so it would be delivered in the morning to the house and the address that I gave them they could deliver to.

Saturday came and nothing was delivered so I called avas flowers back again and they told me the reason it was not delivered was because they don't deliver there but they could deliver the flowers on Monday avas flowers gave me the run-around and did not make any sense both times they were supposed to deliver I gave them the addresses and they said that they could deliver there both times the excuse for why they did not deliver there was that they don't deliver that away and then when they told me that they can deliver them Monday to the same address it really didn't make any sense because the reasons why y'all couldn't deliver because you don't deliver there I was very disappointed in this place. I will never order here again and I am still waiting on my refund

Mountain View, California, United States #1342932

DO NOT ORDER FLOWERS FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!!!!The flowers I ordered were delivered in a box and were died. The balloon was not as stated.When i called to complain I was told a new agreement would be delivered 3 days later, it was not.

On the 4th day a box (again) was delivered with DIED flowers.

Again I called and they will only credit part, leaving me to pay $20.00 for DIED flowers. They keep saying I received 2 shipments.These people do not understand ENGLISH!!!!NEVER NEVER NEVER ORDER FLOWERS FOR AVAS.......

Dumfries, Virginia, United States #1288708

You must be somehow connected to these scammers. Have you checked their face book how many complainers.

How many people didn't get their flower. ordered week ago and no flowers were delivered. their is no customer service. after hours and hours talking trying talk to unqualified staff, finally got my refund less $14 .

then they deliver 3 days old dead flowers. this place is a scam.

Princeton, New Jersey, United States #1286298

I ordered flowers for my sisters birthday and it never was delivered on the day I specifically,it even said Happy Birthday,on the card I wrote out, I called and the person said " oh we thought it was for Valentine's Day, it said happy birthday NOT valentines, I was very pissed off , and a little rude but it was par for the course. They even called earlier in the day to tell me that they didn't have what I ordered and that they would add more flowers, which was nice, but they even said it would be delivered today on her birthday.

I will never order from them again.......one pissed off customer who was planning on using them a lot due to my sister having MS and and not doing well.

So much for that..... thanks for ruining what was supposed to be a nice gift for her birthday"

Colma, California, United States #1244657

Ordered flowers for my Brother & the flowers were wilted. Water in case murky.

Case you could buy at a $1 store. Been sending Emails & no respond from Avas. Never again will I use them or recommend them. I paid $87.91 for their ugly flowers.

I called them too after I seen the flowers.

Horrible florist. Put a complaint on Facebook too

Wood River, Illinois, United States #1219394

Awful service the supervisor hung up on me and couldn't answer my question. Ripped me off with service charge when trying to cancel order 2 min.

after placing it.

Don't trust this sleazy company with bogus reasons on why after 2 min. an order couldn't be canceled even though no service had yet been provided or even started.


Please, Avas Flowers is a SCAM. They do not deliver flowers, and they do not deliver the refunds the promise.

They are thieves, crooks and liars. They need to be prosecuted for fraud.

The website claimed that they were in Libby, MT, because that's where I was searching for flower delivery for Mothers Day.

But they are in New Jersey. They did not deliver my Mom's flowers, but they took my money.

Avas Flowers is a criminal fraud, and nothing more.


The online prices are bogus. They want to charge extra for a bow,plus a card,arranging flowers

and delivery.


Horrible experience. Told me the price would be $54.21, turned out to be 72.92.

Also, got a call next day they they did not have the flowers for the arrangement and replaced the order with same price. Driver had the incorrect address, and they tried to charge me additional delivery fee for an address that I have no idea where it even came from. They also charged $3 for the bow and another $3 for the card and still misspelled my name. Total rip off !!!!!!!!!!

Never again !!!!!!!!!!!


I ordered an arrangement for my daughter. They were delivered on time and we're just gorgeous!!!!

The ordering was simple and easy to follow.

I will definitely use Ava's Flowers again and recommend them to everyone. Again thanks for great service


Some people may be fond of weeds and paying a company to deliver a fraction of what was promised.


Last Sunday was my husband and mines first anniversary. Since we were going to renew our vows in church on Sunday (4/26) he ordered two different items.

One order was for a small bouquet or group of flowers that I could hold in church. The other was supposed to be a multi flower arrangement. He told the girl that he trusted her judgement and wanted me to have a nice Anniversary arrangement with multiple flowers in it. She told him she would send something in a basket.

The first flowers that were delivered to me at work were 6 white carnations with 1 stem containing 3 white lilies from a Sentry food store in the area. 1 lily was open, 2 were closed. No baby’s breath, no greens, just 7 white flowers. I called my husband to thank him and he told me there were supposed to be more flowers.

About 2 hours later the receptionist walked in carrying a huge basket of flowers. I was just appalled because they were no doubt a FUNERAL ARRANGEMENT! It had sprays of gladiolas and snap dragons along with some lilies, daisy’s and the ugliest tiny pinkish red carnations, some of which were dead! Everyone was stunned at how hideous they were and even our florist said she would be ashamed to send those to anyone.

The really sad part about this is my mother had recently passed and I had buried her two week prior! The last thing I wanted to be reminded of was the funeral and now I had another funeral arrangement!! I was so embarrassed and hurt because everyone was laughing at them. I was furious at my husband for sending me a funeral arrangement however he had no idea what they looked like because he trusted the women he ordered from to send me beautiful anniversary arrangement.

As it turns out the first flowers I received in the vase, were the ones I was supposed to carry at church!

Really?? Was I supposed to keep them in the vase or carry the wet stemmed flowers down the aisle?

The whole ordeal was horrible, as I was made at my husband, he was sad because he wanted to make it a wonderful first anniversary and now here I was crying because I received funeral flowers.

He called Avis right away demanding a refund or that they be picked up and replaced. They said they would and that someone would call me to apologize but that never happened. He called again Monday and was told all they could do was issue him a $9.95 refund.

Yesterday the money for the flowers came out of our bank account and they charged him $160.00!!!

I was stunned that they could send just garbage and then charge that much so I called. To make a long story short, the woman I talked to said she would issue a $9.95 refund and $20.00 store credit. This is unacceptable!! I told her I wanted the cost of the funeral arrangement refunded since she did admit that the arrangement I was sent, The Basket of Memories was a funeral arrangement.

She said she couldn’t talk to me about prices of money and that my husband had to be the one she talked to. I gave her his cell number and she promised to call him but she never did! So now we’re stuck with a $160.00 bill and a funeral arrangement. I will report this to the BBB and give this company lots of free advertising.

I will also go to another site and give this review and post pictures of my funeral arrangement with the dead crappy flowers. Bottom line, DON’T BUY FROM AVIS!


Was sent a pic of a big basket with green plants guess they thought i wouldnt be at the funeral service i got there to find a plastic 6 inch pot wrapped in purple paper and 2 tiny green plants and may i mention they charged me $78.00

You wont get your money's worth

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #955294

Delivery of a sympathy Flowers Basket was delivered on short notice and was Absolutely Beautiful.

Would order from them any time . I was in Minnesota and could not make my Brother James Funeral. His wife sent me a picture of my flowers - gorgeous.

Matt Riesgraf

Livingston, Texas, United States #934700

The order was perfect and on time, the only issue I have is they flat refused to send me a receipt for some reason, loads of run around, said that my order did not exist yet the credit card was billed LOL.. And the flowers were delivered..

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