Avasflowers - Avas Flowers - You don't get what you paid for!

Here's my communication with Avas:

I have given you more than sufficient time to address my comments.(I waited 5 days - no response) Your lack of any response clearly shows the type of organization that you are. That in no way is a positive statement. Therefore, I will begin to spread the word so that people avoid using your horrible, deceptive and fraudulent services.


Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 1:05 PM

To: 'Avas Flowers'

Subject: RE: Your recent order for (elizabeth) on 08-11-2012

I recently sent you my review and comments (and further posted them on your site - where I am SURE that they will NEVER appear). I immediately had a pop-up re: a 20% discount. Please do not insult me further with automated responses such as this.

It is hard to put into words the disappointment with your service. The "Exquisite" Spray delivered did NOT have a single rose in it while the item you pictured on your site had a meaningful percentage - almost 50% of the flowers in the arrangement - as roses. The description stated: "White roses, Asiatic lilies, chrysanthemums and mini carnations are delicately arranged with emerald palm fronds and other lush greens." No roses were to be found. I realize that there can be some variance between the photo and what is actually arranged, but this was far beyond acceptable variance especially since roses are the featured flower and are at their cheapest this time of year and in plentiful supply. Basically, I would describe Avas Flowers' performance as fraudulent and deceptive and in no way meeting the de facto contract agreed upon. A refund is in order!

With respect to the Deepest Sympathy Vase, the visual and contents were even more lacking and in variance. What was shown, was "a wondrous presentation of grace and elegance to honor the life of the deceased. Pale pink roses and pink carnations are offset by baby's breath, variegated ivy, lush greens and a white sheer ribbon, gorgeously arranged in a designer white ceramic pedestal vase." What was received was a mix of color with only a few roses and what looked like a $4.99 bunch of flowers from a supermarket crammed into a vase with absolutely no grace or flow, no variegated ivy, etc. It was an appalling misrepresentation and an embarrassment worthy of a complete refund.

This was the first time I've used your service and it will, in all likelihood, be the last.

Your company has shown a total lack of credibility and integrity and I intend to inform as many as I can of that. The experience was a total bait and switch - like buying and paying for a BMW and getting a Chevy Aveo instead. I'd love to hear your response to this fiasco and deception.

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Avasflowers in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Did not deliver the flowers as described on their website.

I ordered Easter flowers from Avas Flowers. The arrangement was supposed to be "Fanciful Tu;lip and Iris Bouquet"..

The arrangement was quite small with tulips and some purple flower as a filler. We didn't even know what kind of "weeds" they were. There was also a handling fee of $18.95 added to the bill. When I called to complain, they told me they would send another arrangement.

That never happened. I called again and they told me they would get back to me that day.

That never happened either. I will never order from Avas again and you shouldn't either!

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Avasflowers in Anchorage, Alaska - AVAS Flowers - RIP OFF!

These guys are so deceitful... I setup flowers to go to an active duty military friend for his birthday, right before he was deployed to a war zone.

They missed the delivery and his birthday. AVAS website is a scam - they ARE NOT LOCAL!!!! They use local florists, but often screw it up. I have been told twice they would issue a refund but they have not done it.

They cut me off when I call and won't call back or answer emails. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM FLORIST!

For a florist to claim they are local even on their website and then they try to find an actual local florist, then not issue refunds and have the worst customer service is crazy. Make sure and find a true local florist.


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How do we shut them down? They have not issued me a refund either! Grrr....

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Avasflowers.com scammed me!!!!

Just had the WORST experience with www.avaflowers.com ! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this service!

It is a scam, a bait-and-switch deal. I order flowers for a special someone for NURSES APPRECIATION WEEK yesterday, to be delivered TODAY. Well, the flowers were never delivered so I call them and inquire as to the reason(s). The "customer service" lady did not apologize but gave an excuse saying "this is a very busy weekend for us".

She asked for my contact information and said that the floral shop that was preparing my order would contact me shortly. After an hour and half without a call I called AvasFlowers again which I did receive a little better "customer service". Ben did apologize for the inconvenience and offered a 20% discount on a future order as well as guaranteeing the order would be delivered tomorrow. I told him that was still unacceptable and that I wanted nothing less than an upgrade to the Deluxe bouquet and the 20% off (if I choose to order through them again).

He said that would not be a problem and said "is there anything else I can do?" I said, "How about a confirmation email stating the upgrade and discount?" He said he was sending an email out as we speak so I hung up and waited for the email. An hour later without an email I called for the 3rd time and a person answers the phone with "wassup". I said "was sup???? Are you kidding me?

Is this Avas Flowers.com?" He said, "Oh I am sorry. I thought you were Maria transferred from the other line." I told him why I was calling for the THIRD time and what a nightmare of an ordeal this has been. He was very rude and unprofessional, not to mention subpar with his use of proper professional customer service. Jerome spoke in slang the majority of the time which drove me nuts!

I told him this company is a scam and that it was my fault for not doing a simple google search on the company to see the 121 negative reviews from PissedConsumer.com . He told me he was going to refund my money and I asked for a confirmation/transaction number. He said he didn't have one. I asked to speak to a manager which he also said there wasn't one.

I said, "this is not the 1700's, we have confirmation numbers for every electronic transaction." to which he replied, "I'm sorry, I didn't know we delivered flowers in the 1700's" ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME!!! I told him that we are done here and that I demand an email confirming that my money is being refunded to my account. He says "fine. I will type an email for you right now-will that make you happy?" As I am on the phone I hear his key stokes on the keyboard like a 6 year old trying to type for the first time, as he is reading aloud the email message...."we do a pol o gize we werrrrre unable....." in a slow manner!!!

I told him I am glad that I am going to school so I don't have to resort to his job.

He replies with "I am volunteering for the busy weekend." YEAH RIGHT!



Los Angeles, California, United States #1322920

So very very true! These people are the WORST!!!

I ordered a bouquet - I got a min-vase with 5 flowers in it....Something foul had been sprayed on the flowers, so they could not be brought in the house.....They were supposed to be delivered "before 5:00pm" & they got there at 6:53.

When I asked for refund, I was sent a 6 page document refuting all my claims...............


Merrill, Michigan, United States #1299370

I hate them! I am so mad! Dry, brown roses for my 90 yr old Aunt!


2/14/2017...they are still running the same scam!!!

Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, United States #1165778

We are a Florist . and we deal with this on a daily basis

they lie cheat and steal orders daily from unknowing customers .

they charge you 100 and give us the order for 39. and then are rude to us and say hey you took it for that , they don't care and there isn't even a florist on there staff its all out sourced , people that have no knowledge of flowers protect yourself order direct from a real florist in what ever town you need it thank you and so sorry this is allowed to happen , sincerely A real Florist


Is it just with your floral business or is this a large scale scam? How Ava's flowers is still in business is upsetting.

Better Business Bureau needs to get on them. I tried to report but I didn't succeed.


I just had an awful experience with Avas Flowers. I ordered Flowers for my mother.

They delivered rotten, dead flowers. I sent them a picture. They resent my order. Dead, falling apart, withered...I could use a few more adjectives but I'm a lady.

I sent them another picture.

All they are offering is a refund on the flowers, not on processing. So, I spent $17 to have two rotten flower deliveries to my mother on the anniversary of my father's passing.


I had the same terrible experience with Avasflowers. I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon to be delivered on Wednesday.

It was not delivered and when I called they said they didn't have the fresh flowers, therefore they would deliver on Thursday. They made a delivery of a 12 roses with no petals. everything fell off. It was just petals and the stem.

I called customer service to complain, and ask for a refund. They said they wouldn't issue a refund because it was delivered already. They offer to re-deliver the flowers in 2 weeks since the person was travelling to europe, but they still insited in not issueing a refund.



Yorktown, Virginia, United States #785462

I ordered a dozen roses for Valentine day from Avas Flowers website. The roses were delivered a day early with the wrong name on the card.

The worst part is the roses were damaged and some completely dead. I contacted their customer service line twice to try and resolve the problem and e mail twice but never got a reply. I got drop off their customer service twice when put on hold. I had to buy new roses at the last minute from a local flower shoppe.

They have been unwilling to give me a full refund for this unsatisfactory order.

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #783674

I ordered flowers from Ava's for my aunt for her bd in Nov.; everything went well, and she loved the arrangement. HOWEVER, now when I'm planning to send her flowers again, I find that almost every time I go into "MY" account, there's someone else's name and order history!

(Sometimes I get mine.) I finally called them yesterday and after being transferred 3 times talked to a fellow who said there was just some difficulty with the megabytes or something; it really made no sense. He said he'd give me some extra bonus points. I also asked why they say they are local and asked where he was; it was New Jersey. My aunt lives in Michigan.

Today, I am still getting other people's info.

I will be trying to find a florist in her town or go through my local florist to wire an arrangement.


Ava's is a fraudulent company! I also ordered flowers for my Mother's 90th birthday, but they did not come when they were promised.

In fact, when I got in touch with the company, they said they were sorry and the flowers would be there in 2 days - HUH? Then when they arrived, I found they had been FedEx'd from New York City (to Kinards, SC).

They advertise as LOCAL stores, but they are not...call and ask for their address and they will not give it to you. They are not physically located in EVERY SMALL TOWN IN THE US.

Austin, Texas, United States #741920


WHAT I ORDERED: I bought red daisies for my wife's birthday (her favorite) to be delivered at her work with some balloons and a card. I paid about $100 for the package along with express delivery to be delivered by 11:00 AM the next day.

She works for a major company in an office that is highly visible to everyone. WHAT I GOT: She received a shipping box with a hideous orange pointy plant, no balloons at 12:00 PM. WHAT I DID: After my wife was laughed at by her coworkers, she called me to thank me for the plant. She sent me a picture of them as well because she knew that I wouldn't send her something so *** looking.

She asked me if this was the correct order. I was shocked and explained it to her. I immediately called AVAS and talked to them about the situation. I asked for a full refund since the website says, "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED".

I also read it in their policies that for any refunds, they would take 50% for restocking. In this case, I was sure that the restocking fee was just in case I changed my mind about the flowers. I didn't think that they'd have the nerve to charge me a restocking fee for sending us something that I didn't order. WHAT THEY DID: The rep had barely any empathy.

You can tell that the company pushes quality assurance by telling their reps that they just want to hear the empathy by them stating the "I do apologize" script. The rep told me that the only thing she could do was resend the flowers- which I was OK with, but it'd be for the next day (not my wife's birthday; after being humiliated). They also told me that they'd refund $10 for the express shipping which is waived anyway on their website if I enter their *** code in. I asked to speak with a supervisor, but again, the company pushes for their reps to tell the customer that the supervisor would only tell me the same thing about their policies.

I was a Quality Assurance manager for 4 years at a call center-type environment and I know why that's essentially pushed. It's really so that the reps can feel empowered to do what they can for the customer. Unfortunately, it seems that if I cancel or have an order refunded, it goes against the rep. WHAT I NOW WANT: All I want is to compromise.

I know that the re-delivery of the flowers will just be another humiliating event for my wife's company. So I'd like my money back, no restocking fee since they could have easily told me that the order was going to be wrong. If AVAS can't do that, I'd like the flowers redelivered, and my refund. I'll pay the so-called restocking fee, but I want the correct order.

They've already taken my $100, if I can at least get $50 back and the right order since none of this is my fault, I'd be willing to stop here with the negative review. But I'm sure given the consistent negative reviews that I'm now reading about the company, they're unlikely to resolve any issue in a just manner.

Thanks AVAS for making my, my wife, and yourselves look foolish on her birthday, and the day before our anniversary in the show room of the #3 top-rated car dealership in the country. Satisfaction Guaranteed- you should really care about your customers a little more instead of taking their money and then treating them like nothing.

Colliers, West Virginia, United States #715755

I am another florist, in WV, they sent an order for 38.00 to me

and the customer said he paid over 50.00.

bloomnet has no reason to keep a florist that scams their customers.

I am really ticked off, for the customer, my florist, and the bad PR it gives the floral industry.


at Wilkin

Bella Vista, Arkansas, United States #677850


I ordered Flowers on 7/9/13. thought everything was fine, 2 1/2 hours later. ( which I didn't see till much later) I was sent a email, stating that they were unable to reach anyone at the store, so my canceled my order. Tried talking to the store, lady just kept talking over me, & acted like she didn't understand me.

So I hung up, & thought I was calling Ann's flowers. received someone on line, he was very nice, & said it would be out first

thing the next morning, that deliveries started at 10:00 A.M., well it's 12:30 P.M. still no flowers. I have been charged $52.99.they basically say I'm lying, that nothing has been charged. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS COMPANY!!!

Surprise, Arizona, United States #614989

Avis Flowers,they ripped me off by saying i gave them the wrong address so this is why my flowers did'nt get deliverd. so this is why they say they can't give me a refund.

except The address i gave them was correct. so this is the sorry excuss there using to not give me a refund.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #609661

These guys a fraud company. I repeat FRAUD.

They take your money and run. I ordered flowers for the first time ever and expected to a beautiful bouquet to be delivered to my mom on valentine's day. A day passes still no flowers...a day passes still no flowers. Every time I call they transfer me to someone else and eventually the call gets dropped.

One representative was helpful and gave me the tracking number, from there I called UPS. They had record of my order, but they said they never received the flowers to be delivered. They were still waiting for the package, so that they could deliver it. When I check the status of my order on avaflowers.com it says there was a delivery attempt.

That is a big LIE considering UPS would find it hard to attempt a delivery without the actual flowers. It seems that Ava Flowers created a shipping label for this product with all the wrong shipping information, time and date. I asked if they paid for the shipping label and they didn't know. It seems official up until a point when you realize that it's all one big scheme to get your money.

I've never been this disappointed before. Supposedly, I talk to over 30 representatives today who each told me that the manager would call me back. One guy finally said, "Managers? The customers have never been allowed to talk to them." I asked if he had talked to him and he said he's never even met them.

I said that's how you know you're working for a fraud and the guy got super nervous and hung up... I'd appreciate my money back, but with your strict NO REFUND policy I think I'll post all over these websites and tell as many people as I can to stay away.


i just relived your story over my wedding flowers




What a poor experience. I wanted to use a local florist.

Avas does a great job of making you think they are local. They are not. The woman that took my order could barely speak english and got everything I told her incorrect. The moment I hung up I realized I forgot to ask to apply the discount coupon they show on their web site.

Customer service told me that is for on-line orders only and it's too late to credit my account since the code expired after 30 minutes. They told me they applied an upgrade to my order. They didn't tell me what that means.

Could have had a customer for life by just giving the discount but no. Why did I not check on-line reviews.

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Avasflowers in Round Lake, Illinois - Did not deliver flowers!

I ordered flowers for a friends memorial service, online while i was out of town. I thought that everything was ok because i received a confirmation.

WRONG! Come to find out that my friends family did not receive any flowers from me. So I called the 800 number on the confirmation. II was on hold for 11 minuets!

When some one finally answered the phone, it was as if she was upset because I interrupted her from something else? She was actually laughing about something that was going on around her. When she found my order she said that they had been trying to contact me at the phone number listed on the order. The payment part required me to enter the phone number FOR THE CREDIT CARD.

I then asked her, why would you try to contact a person at a phone number when they ordered it online and you had not received a call back? wouldn't you try an alternate way, oh I don't know, like EMAILING an online customer?

All she could say was that they tried to call me.

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use Avasflowers.com EVER for anything!

My friends family did not ever get my flowers :-(

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Avasflowers in Herndon, Virginia - Bait and switch

I placed an order with Ava's Flowers 373 S Main Street New City NY 10956 for a flower arrangement of a certain style/color scheme (pink/purple multi-colored). the flowers sent were red/white cheap looking in comparison to the product I ordered.

I was told that "The arrangement was filled as similar as possible". product was inferior and no way similar to the product I purchased. Horrible people Horrible customer service.

Total rip-off and they simply do not care. I am complaning anywhere and everywhere I can find to complain to AWFUL experience and I hope this business is shur down.




Have your bank or credit card company to reverse the charges. I was credited within a week.Explain everything in detail.

Provide invoice if available.Photos are helpful as well. Good luck!


Same thing happened to me. What a rip off.


Seems like there is a lot of people who fell for this scam of a company. Did any of you figure out a way to get a refund? I'm thinking of a lawsuit because I think thats the only way they will learn. If you have any information on how to get my money back please let me know.

Thank you,

Ripped of soldier


Sorry . .

I know your post is old. But my bank reversed the Avas Flowers charge within a week.

I'm from Hawaii and know the frustration of having to deal with ecommerce businesses that rip you off. They think since you are so far away they are protected and can get away with it.


I contacted the BB of New York and after a few emails I receiveda full refund of my n=money.


I ordered flowers, a deluxe version, for my mother's birthday and luckily she sent me a photo of what was delivered. None of the flowers that were in the image displayed on their website were in the bouquet, only cheap flowers and not very many of them either.

I started off sending polite emails, which have received no response, and now, 3 months later, my emails are not as polite.

I've been asking for a refund. Any suggestions on how to get this issue resolved?!?


I had the same experience. Placed an order and the they sent flowers that looked nothing like the ones I paid for. Customer service claims they will send a replacement, but they never did.

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I ordered an arrangement for my wife for Valentine's Day to be delivered to her office. The arrangement was supposed to have roses, tulips, lisianthus with greens and babies breath in a "silver reflections" vase. I also paid the "premium" which brought the arrangement to almost $110.00 to try and make sure she was going to get something nice.

The flowers were delivered but what my wife received was about a dozen different colored roses tightly bound with nothing but greens around them in a hideous glass vase. On top of that the roses literally had dead brown spots all over the outer layers of petals. I wish I could upload the photos, they truly are worth a thousand words.

I put in a complaint via their online delivery issue form. I didn't hear from anyone and was hoping to get a re-deliver on Valentines Day so I called and was told that they would have someone get back to me, that never happened. I called again and finally spoke to "Alex" who by the end had spoken to her manager and he approved a full refund that I was told I would get within five days but should see something within two.

After waiting over a week, again I neither heard, nor saw anything from them. I called again and got a hold of "George" who had told me that their accounting department reviewed my claim and decided that I was not getting a refund after all. After a mildly heated argument with George he told me that a refund "was not going happen". I was never called or contacted by them to tell me that I wasn't going to get a refund or any resolution for that matter. He offered store credit or a re-delivery which I do not feel comfortable doing any further business with them and declined.

Now I have to go through my credit card company (and you can bet I will) to try and get my money back from this lackluster company that is more concerned about keeping my 100+ dollars than keeping a single customer happy. "Satisfaction Guaranteed"?!, HA! Never again and if I can prevent anyone from having to deal with these people, I will do it.



Chicago, Illinois, United States #908846

They stay in business because the republicans have made it all but impossible to sue a business.

Dallas, Texas, United States #596624

This place is horrible. I sent a flower arrangment to my granddaughter in Phoenix, AZ.

They said it would be tomorrow since it was later in the day. I get a call from someone in broken english saying since she was in ICU. the flowers would be delivered when she transferred to a reg. room.

In the mean time she was released ( all this in the same afternoon ) I called to canceled order and got this big run around that the flowers were sent and refused by hospital. They said no cancel can be done. They had already told me they would not be delivered today. I spoke to three different people, now they are SUPPOSED to call me back.

I don't expect to hear from them. Have already called my C.C. company and they promised to take care of the problem.

How can a company stay in business doing customers this way? :(

Clearwater Beach, Florida
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Avasflowers in Gainesville, Florida - Florist Nightmare

I ordered flowers for my wife to be delivered on Valentine's day. I ordered them on the Friday before with the guarantee that they will be delievered on Valentine's day.

Well not only were they NEVER delivered, but when I called customer service it was a message center and they couldn't give me the status of my order.

3 days after Valentine's Day and still no flowers no refund, call back nothing. Then I look to find that 53 other customers all were going through the same as me with no response back from the Company Ava's Flowers.


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Ordered a bouquet to be sent to my sister in the hospital the same day...did not happen....was the next day. The bouquet was suppose to be the premium.....and a photo was taken of the flowers and it was lucky to be 12" tall and only 1 rose....I would not advise anyone to use Avas in Indianapolis! Very cheap looking flowers for the $!!

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