Avasflowers in Dayton, Ohio - Avas Flowers Bait and Switch

I ordered flowers online for a dying relative. After the order was accepted I got the email below stating that they wanted another $6.99. I immediately sent an email saying that I would NOT authorize additonal charges and that they needed to cancel the order if they were not going to fulfill it as placed. Now I am on the phone, on hold, with "customer no-service. After about 10 minutes on hold and no service ,they said that they would have to call me back. I am not holding my breath.

"This is with regards your order for XXXXX XXXXXXX. I just want to inform that we need an additional $6.99 for Saturday delivery since the order that you placed is part of our farm fresh program that needs to be delivered via UPS/FEDEX. If you have any questions please free to contact us at 877-638-3303."

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Avasflowers in Lake Stevens, Washington - THIS PLACE SUCKS




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Avasflowers in Clarksburg, West Virginia - FALSE INFO! HORRIBLE SERVICE! Embarassed customer! AVA FLOWERS!

I recently used Ava's Flowers service to purchase a standing funeral spray for my grandfathers funeral which was this past Friday, Sept 28, 2012 in Lahaina, Maui. I am a highly unsatisfied customer, who is also furious with not only the service I received from this company but with the product my grandfather received the day of the funeral.

I had ordered a white tribute standing spray at $99.99 and a banner at $9.99 six days prior to the delivery date. I received a confirmation e-mail and discussed delivery with man customer service representative prior to the date of delivery. I had even expressed my concern for the company's service prior because I had seen negative review about this business. All representatives I talked with assured that I had nothing to worry about and that my order is placed and will be delivered to the destination on time.

To my surprise, I received a call on the day of my Grandfathers funeral at roughly noon time, stating that the arrangement was not going to be made; representative told me that "we do not have the equipment for the flowers you ordered." She also mentioned that she had been trying to contact me all day, which is false because I did not receive a call from Ava's Flowers at all that day. Not only was I upset that they waited till the day of the funeral to call, but it boggles my mind onto why your company takes an order without the proper equipment needed! To make matters worse, I called customer help line earlier that morning to confirm my order was being made and delivered by the stated time, and a representative told me that everything was ok and he assured me that the product I ordered would be delivered. The representative at noon told me that there was no way they could make the standing spray I had ordered and so given the circumstance and time I had before my Grandfather service, I settled for a what they said, "a beautiful, huge, upgraded all white flower arrangement." I reminded her that my family's tradition needs to be met, and that I would still request a tall arrangement to accommodate for not having a standing spray. This representative assured me that I would have an enormous arrangement, with upgraded flowers and it will please me and my family. In the next 30 minutes I called back to once again confirm my order and question the company one more time about why there was no easel for my grandfathers standing funeral spray. I needed clarification because I just could not wrap my head around the fact that my order was not being made. This time, another lady assured me that the arrangement I had initially ordered was being made at the moment of the call. I then told her that another lady had told me it was not being made. This representative then called someone to clarify the issue, and told me that I was correct; the standing spray was not being made. She told me once again that a "Huge, beautiful floral arrangement would be sent to the funeral home in replace of the standing spay that I would absolutely love". I asked many questions and reminded her that this was an important day, and delivery was important. With the emotional state I was in, and time running out I took her word for it and boy was I a wrong for doing so.

When I arrived to the funeral home, I did not see a luxurious arrangement that I had been promised so I called your customer help line once again and told them that I had not received my arrangement for the funeral that was supposed to start in the next hour. A customer representative had the audacity to tell me that she could not get in touch with a deliver so that she would call me back tomorrow (day after the funeral). How does a person think that will go over well when the funeral is set for that day, and tomorrow's call will be worthless and meaningless? I just don't understand how this company operates. Upset and flustered, I was looking through the flower arrangement in the front of the church; I then found a tiny white arrangement that no one claimed so I figured it was the one I ordered. I looked at the tiny card with the arrangement which had the message I had placed on the order. I was so embarrassed and extremely disappointed, but even more furious with the fact that I had to settle with this insignificant arrangement that did not meet any of my stated requirement order except the fact that it was all white flowers. I did not even receive the banner I had paid for. This day was supposed to be a day of grieving and time with my family to mourn the death of my beloved grandfather, but instead your company put me and my family through embarrassment and extreme stress with this flower order. I assure you I will never use this company's service again, and that I will spread the word of the horrible service I received. I request a full refund of $107.43 for my order because not only did I not receive what I ordered (standing spray, banner, or the "Enormous, beautiful arrangement) but because you had caused unnecessary drama on the day of my Grandfather's funeral. How can a company wait 4 hours because delivery time to contact a person in regards to not making an order. How can a company's workers be so misinformed and proceed to tell a customer wrong/false information? How can a representative assure satisfaction but lack there of. I am forever impaled with the service I received and am demanding to talk to a supervisor and demand a full refund!! DO NOT USE AVA'S FLOWERS EVER!

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Avasflowers in Atlanta, Georgia - Complaint against Avas Flowers

I made an online purchase for birthday flowers from Avas Flowers on Sept. 24, 2012 with a requested delivery on Sept.

25th at the receipient's work location. between 8:00 a.m. but no later than noon. I received an e-mail from Avas to confirm and make changes to the recipient's deliver address if required.

The recipient's address was correct based on my order. At 4:30 p.m. I contacted the receipient and she informed me that no flowers had been delivered and she was leaving work for the day. I immediately contact Avas customer service by phone and as the young lady began checking she realized and stated that the delivery address provided to UPS for the flower delivery was incomplete; name of the building was left out of the address.

Eventually the flowers arrived at 4:00 p.m. on Sept. 26th, wilted and of no use at all.

I contacted Avas for a refund but was told since the flowers were delivered I would not get a refund, even though the delivery was not on the recipients birthday (as requested) and the flowers were wilted and of no use. DO NOT EVER USE AVAS FLOWERS!!


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OMG. Do not use Ava's florist.

This is a total scam. Flowers never arrived. Working on getting a refund. Plan to report to the attorney general office of NY state and the better business bureau.

Very bad customer service. Web site looks professional but it is a big scam. No one will answer my calls.

Email is a standard response that goes nowhere. How do they continue to operate?

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Avasflowers in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Avas' Flowers. Horrible.

Used Avas Flowers.

I wanted to send a bouquet to be delivered the same day, so I called a local florist I could speak to in order to find out about what was in stock, etc.

Avas' florist came up as local florist in google search, but found out they are a national florist later.

Spoke with someone when placing order, asked questions to make sure I got what I wanted delivered. Ordered the Perfect Birthday bouquet.

Sent WRONG Bouquet.Receipt received something in a teapot. Nothing like it was supposed to be. And it was skimpy. Did not include the gerbera daisies which are the highlight of the bouquet.Also used tissue paper to make it look fuller.

Customer service rep was rude when called back.

DON'T USE Avas Flowers. !!

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Avasflowers in Painesville, Ohio - Does not deliver as promised

Took my money ($68) to deliver flowers then next day. They were not delivered.

When I called, the person I spoke with was extremely rude and said she would call me back which never happened. On the next call I requested a manager. This was refused. After 3 more calls, I was promised a partial refund and extra flowers to be delivered.

Both of which did not happen. Stay way away from this company, they are a den of thieves.

Its weird that they are apparently even still in business. You are wasting your money if you call this company!

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Avasflowers in Glastonbury, Connecticut - Embarrassed and furious!

Avas flowers took my order for a funeral arrangement, charged me for it, confirmed it and then did not notify me until after the wake and funeral that the arrangement was never sent. I was completely embarrassed!

They had enough time to tell me about it, so that I could have found an alternate florist, but didn't. Completely unprofessional. They also did not have arrangements available that are posted on their site.

I settled for something else and was assured the arrangement would be "special" and they'd take good care of me. Guaranteed delivery is a complete scam.


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I have used Avas 3 times for funeral flowers in the past year. I have been pleased - one time I erroneously told them a memorial service was a day earlier than it was.

They took care of it & the flowers were delivered at the correct time.

Everyone has raved about the flowers and said they were beautiful. I will continue to use them.

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Avasflowers in Bellmore, New York - Horrible Service!

I ordered flowers from Ava's flowers for my grandmothers birthday, they were NEVER delivered!! I kept calling them and never once spoke with someone from the store i kept getting there answering service!!

They refuse to refund my money because they state the flowers were delivered somewhere...What a horrible excuse!!I didn't even call my grandmother because i thought she would have received these flowers on the day i ordered them like i was told they would be!. I am so mad and disappointed!

They clearly don't care about there customers! I would recommend no one orders from there!

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Avasflowers - Avas Flowers - You don't get what you paid for!

Here's my communication with Avas:

I have given you more than sufficient time to address my comments.(I waited 5 days - no response) Your lack of any response clearly shows the type of organization that you are. That in no way is a positive statement. Therefore, I will begin to spread the word so that people avoid using your horrible, deceptive and fraudulent services.


Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 1:05 PM

To: 'Avas Flowers'

Subject: RE: Your recent order for (elizabeth) on 08-11-2012

I recently sent you my review and comments (and further posted them on your site - where I am SURE that they will NEVER appear). I immediately had a pop-up re: a 20% discount. Please do not insult me further with automated responses such as this.

It is hard to put into words the disappointment with your service. The "Exquisite" Spray delivered did NOT have a single rose in it while the item you pictured on your site had a meaningful percentage - almost 50% of the flowers in the arrangement - as roses. The description stated: "White roses, Asiatic lilies, chrysanthemums and mini carnations are delicately arranged with emerald palm fronds and other lush greens." No roses were to be found. I realize that there can be some variance between the photo and what is actually arranged, but this was far beyond acceptable variance especially since roses are the featured flower and are at their cheapest this time of year and in plentiful supply. Basically, I would describe Avas Flowers' performance as fraudulent and deceptive and in no way meeting the de facto contract agreed upon. A refund is in order!

With respect to the Deepest Sympathy Vase, the visual and contents were even more lacking and in variance. What was shown, was "a wondrous presentation of grace and elegance to honor the life of the deceased. Pale pink roses and pink carnations are offset by baby's breath, variegated ivy, lush greens and a white sheer ribbon, gorgeously arranged in a designer white ceramic pedestal vase." What was received was a mix of color with only a few roses and what looked like a $4.99 bunch of flowers from a supermarket crammed into a vase with absolutely no grace or flow, no variegated ivy, etc. It was an appalling misrepresentation and an embarrassment worthy of a complete refund.

This was the first time I've used your service and it will, in all likelihood, be the last.

Your company has shown a total lack of credibility and integrity and I intend to inform as many as I can of that. The experience was a total bait and switch - like buying and paying for a BMW and getting a Chevy Aveo instead. I'd love to hear your response to this fiasco and deception.

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Avasflowers in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Did not deliver the flowers as described on their website.

I ordered Easter flowers from Avas Flowers. The arrangement was supposed to be "Fanciful Tu;lip and Iris Bouquet"..

The arrangement was quite small with tulips and some purple flower as a filler. We didn't even know what kind of "weeds" they were. There was also a handling fee of $18.95 added to the bill. When I called to complain, they told me they would send another arrangement.

That never happened. I called again and they told me they would get back to me that day.

That never happened either. I will never order from Avas again and you shouldn't either!

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