Avasflowers in Spanish Fork, Utah - Embarrassed by cheap Funeral Flowers

I ordered a beautiful arrangement for 87.00. I got a little Easter basket of flowers.

I would not believe it was our flowers until I checked the card. How can you replace a funeral flowers. I was embarrassed because I was ordering for the family. Instead of honoring the person it was a slap in the face.

Don't order from Avas. They have about 300 complaints on the Better Business Bureau. The company is notorious. Just type them into Google and see if you can find one consumer who was satisfied.

There isn't one.

They apologized, but refused to refund anything. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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Avasflowers in Ridgecrest, California - Credit Card scam

While trying to order my mother flowers from Avas Flowers to be delivered for her birthday, I believe I was duped into giving all needed information on multiple cards to run scams. Gave 2 cards from same bank.

Both were said to be declined. In past, this bank has put accts on hold due to unusual card use. So I gave a 3rd card from a different institution. Declined.

On each decline, the person re-verified all info including 3 digit security code, and then asked if I had another card that could be used. I immediately called all of these cards to find that they were in good standing with no holds, and had no record of any purchase attempts from Avas Flowers.

This forced me to cancel all of them to avoid being pilfered. I avoided the monetary loss, but now must handle the inconvenience of not being able to use any of my financial institutions until new cards arrive.

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Avasflowers in Bloomington, Illinois - Worst Experience

I talked to an agent who took my order fairly quickly and was very pleasant. Other then this person the entire experience was/is a complete mess.

The person who took my order led me to believe Avas was a local company, which I understand she is only doing her job. This person also led me to believe that the arrangement I ordered would be hand crafted by a professional, not be just some run of the mill bulk arrangement. She also told me I could get same day delivery. Well I placed my order on 1/25 at about 9:20 AM.

I promptly received a confirmation email. I through out the day checked the status of the delivery. At first the status said being processed for delivery. Sometime the status changed to out for delivery.

At about 5:00 PM when the status still said out for delivery I called Avas "customer service" line and was told they had no other information and would update me once they had this. Well as the night progressed I kept checking the delivery status and it had not changed. I called back and reached an answering service. They stated they would have someone email on 1/26.

So on 1/26 I checked my email when I woke up around 9:00 AM and I had not received anything. I also checked the delivery status and it had changed to out for redelivery. So I thought all was well. At about 12:45 PM the status had not changed to delivered.

At this point I called the "customer service" line. This was a mistake. I was on the phone for over an hour being put on hold and transferred from person to person. Finally after getting transferred, to what I believe, was the 5th person I asked to not be put on hold or transferred again.

This person was very nice and stated she would be able to help. She did end up putting me on hold for a few minutes, so she could call the flower shop and check on my status. She came back on the line and stated the flowers were out for delivery. I asked why I was told they would be delivered on 1/25 and they were not.

She stated the shop was waiting on a shipment of the particular arrangement I ordered and they did not come in until 1/26 in the morning. At this point I thought all was well. But boy was I mistaken!! It is now 1/27 and we still have no flowers when I was told they were out for delivery yesterday!!

This company has about the worst business practices I have ever encountered and horrible customer service. I would not recommend the company to any one.

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Avasflowers in Las Vegas, Nevada - Customer service nightmare! No response No Care

I placed an order on Monday for a plant to be delivered on Tuesday. I placed my order by phone with an agent.

I received a quick response with my invoice and confirmation of order. When I noticed that there were many mistakes, I immediately called back to make the corrections: recipient name spelled wrong, company name spelled wrong, WRONG ORDER. Whoever it was that took my order confirmed a larger and more expensive plant that I orig ordered and wanted. They also tacked on a bow and greeting card.

I made the corrections and asked that a new invoice and confirmation of order be sent. I was also promised a confirmation of delivery the next day. By Tuesday afternoon I still hadn't heard or received any email from Avas Flowers. I called again and was told by the new phone agent that some of the corrections had been made but not all of them.

She supposedly made the corrections and I should receive a new invoice by the end of the day. Once again I waited and went through the entire process all over again Wednesday and again Thursday and finally again today. Every single time I called, I was put on an endless hold then told they have no clue what I'm talking about. With each new phone agent, I was calm, polite and clearly explained the situation.

Every time I got the same response in very broken English, I'll tell my manager who is unavailable to get back to you asap. I know if this was my company, I'd have been in trouble by now for lack of response. Funny enough, Thursday, I received a customer service survey in my email box but that's it. Finally, today I'd reach my limit.

I called once again and politely told the person at Avas Flowers that I would not hang up the phone until I was able to speak with someone that could help me and give me the refund that was due to me. I was told that there was nothing that could be done and it was impossible to send a revised invoice showing the charges made to my credit card. That's strange...impossible huh? Also that since the delivery was made with the larger item, I could not receive a refund.

I again stated I would not hang up the phone until I received a better response then, "we messed up and you have to pay for it". After being on the phone and on hold and transferred around the entire company, I received verbal confirmation that my refund would be put in place and that they were so sorry. I have yet to receive that confirmation by email. AWFUL COMPANY.

I wish I'd have consulted yelp or something before trusting this company with my business. APPALLED!

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Avasflowers - Bad Flowers, Bad Setting

Bad lilies and roses, brown rims and brown spots, crunched together in a way to tight vase.Just bad flowers and no design, just bunch of stuffed together overfrozen flowers.Didnt call in yet to see how service is. Just sad to see if you know what the people paid and the hazzle you get with it :-//So thank you to the people who send me the flowers with their best intentionand Yikes for the people who dare misusing other peoples trust and moneys.And For the other 14 mandatory words:" May the World find peace and statt within ourselves!"

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Avasflowers - No deliverey and false advertisement with coupons

Should have went with my first issue with this company and not order from them. When first tried to place order received a coupon for addition $10 off order.

Was told I couldn't use and was repeatedly put on hold. Still place the order online for deliver at 4pm on 1/24/13...Order has yet to be received but they made sure the got my money. Called and customer svc. Rep said they were closed.

Will be calling 1st thing in the morning to complain and contact BBB.

And will dispute my payment to them since no service was rendered. Fake company

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Avasflowers - No Flowers No refund

This place is horrible!!! Called yesterday to have a delivery in Phoenix,Az.

They said we will deliver in the morning Tuesday. I called yesterday to say she had gone home and don't take them tomorrow, I want a refund as they had already charged my C.C.!! No refund... after talking to two managers, they said we will have someone call you back.

No one called til today saying we took the flowers and she had gone home..Duh..

They have people calling who can't speak good english. They are rude and I will NEVER order anything from Avas Florist again.


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Greenwood, South Carolina, United States #612408

Did not deliver. Have called multiple times.

No solution offered. Waited on phone for over 30 minutes to ask for refund, emailed for refund. Nothing. Have emailed me saying my item was delivered.


HORRIBLE customer service. Will decline payment through my credit card company.

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I WILL NOT EVEN GIVE THIS COMPANY ONE STAR. Maybe I would have given them one star if their customer service department actually helps you, but instead they are condescending and rude and offer no help at all.WARNING IF YOU USE THIS COMPANY YOU WILL GET SCREWED.

I ordered 12 peonies for my mother's 50th surprise party. When these flowers were delivered there were 10 DEAD ROSES in the box. I could not use these flowers...they were disgusting. When I called customer service THREE TIMES, each time they read off a pre-written response and basically told me I am *** unless I want to accept a DISCOUNT on my next purchase.


ISAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION and just go to a local flower shoppe. You may pay more, but they will deliver as promised.Do not EVER use this company.

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Avasflowers - Didn't deliver on its promise - difficult communication

We left Saturday morning for Hawaii. Thought it would be fun to have flowers for my wife at the condo when we arrived.

Used the website and wanted tropical flowers (of course) but had to choose a rose/carnation arrangement as was advertised as deliverable same day. Not. The flowers did not come Saturday or Sunday or Monday. My calls to coordinate delivery were always put 'in ***' for at least 5 minutes.

More maddening were the long delays even after someone got on the line. I hung up 2 different times, not being able to wait and trying to keep the 'secret' from my wife. Their message makes you believe they opereate locally which they do not.

Finally, after several calls, I tried to cancelled the order which was then delivered Tuesday afternoon by a local florist, Napili Flowers, who also hates dealing with Avas. Can I rate this minus 5 as one of my worst customer service experiences?

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Avasflowers in Dallas, Texas - The Spirit Airlines of the floral industry

So my fiancé tried to order this really creative looking Beer Mug Bouquet from these jokers for my birthday. The online version was amazing ...

The delivered version looked like green vomit in a beer mug with some flowers stuck in it. She called to point out the error, and after saying there would be no refund, the said they could re-deliver next week. Given that she paid for rush delivery and that I travel a lot for business, this wasn't going to work. She finally got them to deliver a second time on the same day ...

Enter floral fail #2. The second one was some *** expanding mess that overtook the mug, as well as part of my desk in a couple of hours. I got involved at this point, and after getting quite the run around myself, I convinced them that a delivery of roses to my fiancé as an apology was in order. The day of the deliver passes, yet no flowers.

I call, only to find out that, after confirming the address multiple times, they sent it to the wrong place.

Long story short, their take on it now is that I should be grateful that they even responded at all. Buyer beware!

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