Avasflowers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Ava's Flowers

Ordered flowers on Ava's online site. Was quoted and promised same day delivery. 5 hours later I received a call to let me know that they could not deliver what I ordered because they did not have the supplies and wanted to know if they could deliver the next day. I told them to just cancel the order and and that I would call another florist. They insisted that this wasn't necessary and asked if they could deliver a similar look and feel arrangement. I told that as long as it looked similar I would be okay with that. I asked when the arrangement would be delivered and they told me by 5 PM. I called the recipient at 5:15 PM and they told me they did not receive their flowers. After being on hold for more than 45 minutes, an Ava's representative told me they couldn't locate the driver but promised me that my flowers would be delivered before 7 PM as the intended recipient was leaving town at that time. At 10 minutes to 7, i received a text message from the recipient showing me the flowers. I had ordered an arrangement of fresh cut flowers that looked like a cake, the picture she sent me was of some ferns with tulips stuck in them. The festive balloon I ordered was black, and the card that was to come with it was hand written on black construction paper. The box of chocolates was not delivered.

When I called to complain Ava's offered to resend the flowers. I told them that wasn't necessary as the recipient was now out of town. They then offered a free dozen roses for delivery any time. I told them that I would prefer a refund as I do not trust them to represent my gift giving in a professional manner. They told me this wasn't possible and when I asked to speak to supervisor or an account manager, they told me that is not possible. Having no other options, I am left with this post to warn potential customers of this company's poor performance.

In hind sight, I discovered that Ava's has an F rating with the BBB. Buyer beware! I would not recommend this business to anyone.

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Avasflowers in Princeton, New Jersey - AVAS FLOWERS IS A RIP-OFF

My order was never delivered. They will not reimburse me. They have made all types of

excuses -- including they attempted to deliver the flowers, but no one was home.

My order was balloons. The recipient is housed within an office building -- there is always a

receptionist on duty. I am not sure this is a legitimate company. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS

COMPANY. I have demanded my money back and they will not comply. I have sent numerous

emails and phone calls and still no response. Speaking to the customer service representative

was also useless. The person sounded as if they had never taken a phone call before.

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Avasflowers in Reno, Nevada - Avas flowers is dishonest - ripped me off

I ordered the largest flower arrangement that was discounted to $65 - received an arrangement smaller than a beer bottle - totally embarrassed when arriving at the house warming party. Avas apologized and said they messed us - then they said you can have free dozen roses but tried twice to get them to send my dozen roses - wasted 15 minutes on phone twice and they transfer me to be on hold for 5 minutes than disconnect!

Do not order from them.

They represent that they are a local company and have all sorts of local info on the website but they aren't local! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

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Avasflowers in El Reno, Oklahoma - LOSERS AND LIARS- RIP OFF ARTIST

AVA'S FLOWERS.....the untilmate WORST! Wish I had check out this site first.

Ordered a Thanksgiving centerpiece that was never delivered!!!! After contacting customer service and emailing customer service ON THEIR WEBSITE, which of course they never received, (how convenient that you complain through their site instead of regular email, thus no prood on your end that you contacted them) I am offered 2 dozens roses to send to MY SISTER??? Get REAL! Refused to credit my debit card.

Can the FCC stop these jokers!

They shouldn't be allowed on any form of e-commerce!!!! Renee Souder, Oklahoma!

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Avasflowers in Ashburn, Virginia - You are not going to get your $$$ back...worst experience ever!!!

I placed an order of flowers for my daughter's birthday to be delivered on Friday 11/16/12. On 11/18/12 I was advised that the flowers never arrived.

When I called Avas Flowers the representative could not give me a status of my order or why it was not deliver or if it was going to be delivered or offered an apology for the inconvenience. When I asked to speak to a manger I was advised that one will be calling me back some time on Monday because they do not work on the weekends. Monday morning came and went no call, Monday late-afternoon on 11/19/12 I called and was greeted by a very tired, uninterested representative that once again could not give me a status on my order so I asked her to cancel my order; in a stern indifferent tone she mumbles "apologize for the inconvenience your order has been canceled, have a good day!...A week later I still had not received a refund, I called my bank advised them that I had not received the product and I have called & cancel the order. 11/26/11 I called Avas Flowers to confirm the cancellation and was advised (by the very rude rep) that the order was canceled.

My bank contacted Avas Flowers and where told that the flower had been delivered, so my bank can not assist me in getting my refund. How could this be, I cancel the order! I checked with my daughter and to this day the flowers have never been delivered. 12/3/12 I called Avas Flowers and finally I was able to speak with Mary a manager, who apologize for the inconvenience and advised me that she was processing my refund (as we spoke so it can post that evening).

I also asked Mary to send me an email with the conformation of my refund, she send me an email thanking me for talking to her about my experience...no mention of my refund or how poor my experience was. Needless to say today 12/10/12 I still have not received my refund or flowers...I send Mary an email advising her of my frustration and that my credit was never process, I have not heard back from her and when I called customer service I was told that I needed to speak to a manager, no one was available and they will give me a call.

My advise will be to never order from this company because even if they tell you that the refund is being process you will never get your money back... This was the first and last time I use this company

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Avasflowers in Singapore, Singapore - Avas Flowers - Avoid at all cost. Wicked tactics.

I ordered the beautiful Mrs Fields Bundle of Treats for my mother in hospital. They sent a cheap and nasty basket of drugstore chocolates. It looked so tacky, my mother was shocked I would choose such a gift. She left the whole lot for the nurses at the hospital.

After many follow-ups over two weeks, Avas promised to make good and send the cookies. They sent MORE cheap chocolates. NO COOKIES!!!!! Why could they not just tell me there were no more cookies and give me the option to cancel the order?

I have asked them to take the chocolates back and give me a full refund. They offered a fruit basket. I said no thanks. Take the chocolates back and give me my refund. They said they can't do anything, it's Saturday. Ordering from Avas has been extremely traumatic, especially with the 16-hour time difference checking with my mother in California as to what was sent. I feel cheated. If American legal shows are to be believed, I should sue for the sheer anguish and pain they have caused.

They offer a horse, they promise a horse, but all they deliver is a donkey.

Google Avas flowers Reviews to get more information.

Stay away!!!!

Writer 2012
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Avasflowers in Boston, Massachusetts - Ava's Flowers -- Avoid at all cost

I ordered a particular arrangement, with the premium upgrade, on a Tuesday, to be delivered to my girlfriend on Friday, after Thanksgiving, as I traveled to see my brother.

Nothing was delivered on Friday because the "order was never printed." They offered to refund the delivery charge or to upgrade the arrangement. Since I had already ordered the premium, I chose the delivery refund.

The manager told me the flowers would be delivered by noon on Saturday. They were delivered shortly before 1:00. The roses were pink, not purple and instead of spray roses, they put pink carnations.

I only wish I googled the Ava's florists before I made the order.

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Avasflowers in Overland Park, Kansas - What a poor excuse for florist

The worst experience in getting anything delivered,including pizza. Order was a dozen roses and lillies, half the roses made it.

Now that the element of suprise is gone,the dumby i spoke to on phone to make my order right ask if they could resend flowers but take the screwed up order back, really! Still, 24 hrs later, the order still hasnt arrived. Everyone, dont use this company to send flowers to ur loved one,tbey are incompitant and unreliable.

Nothing but a bunch of screw ups from the time the phone was answered. STAY AWAY,AVAS IS A JOKE!

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Avasflowers in San Antonio, Texas - Ava's Flowers The Worst

Ava's Flowers is a national florist, associated with local florist to actually fill the orders. I ordered flowers online for my father's funeral. These were to be the flowers next to the casket etc.. I placed the order on Wednesday and indicated that I needed them by noon on Friday, as the funeral was at 1:00pm. On the order form it asked for a "recipient" since the service was going to be at the funeral home I decided that I would list the funeral director as the "recipient". So I placed the order, come Friday I arrived at my father's funeral early to make sure that everything was ready to go. The flowers were not there. I called Ava's Flowers and was told that since the "recipient" was listed as the funeral director and not the as the deceased they could not deliver the flowers until I approved it. So the order was placed on hold. They said they emailed me, which they did not...and they said they called me but the phone she said they called was incorrect. I looked on my order and my phone number was correct, so they lied about calling and they may have lied about the email as I never received it and I looked in my spam box as well...I was heartbroken that my father's funeral did not have any flowers. And an "I'm sorry" just did not cut it. They had Wednesday and Thursday to do the right thing and did not.

Furthermore, the website has a form to fill out, and it only ask for a "recipient" and does not give any information about listing the deceased for a funeral as the "recipient". And since it is so imperative to list the deceased to avoid a hold you would think they would insert information about filling out the form.

I found customer service: the first time I called the man was disinterested and sounded like I was a bother. The second time I called the woman was friendly enough, but obviously the policies did not make it easy for the employees to deal with upset customers. Her hands were tied and could only apologize. She did cut me off atone point and told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. Instead of asking if there was anything else she could help me with...I thought that was kinda unprofessional.

I was very disappointed and will never use this florist again. They did have very good prices and I shopped around on the internet for a while. But it does no good to have good prices if you can not get the flowers...

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AvasFlowers.COM BUYERS BEWARE 11-10-2012 bad bizness

Mt.Zion Baptist church on 11.10.12

I just buried my 30 yr old cousin Nov. 11th 2012 and I chose Avasflowers online.

I ordered 2 SPRAYS..The 1 spray i ordered which was a CROSS was ok, the other Spray arrangement was HORRIBLE suppose to have been red and white carnations item # E18-X nothing compared to photo on avasflowers.com. Only white carnations was put on spray, ALL RED CARNATIONS was not put on arrangement. NOT to leave alone they only put like 10 carnation but photo on site have at least 30 +flowers.

VERY HORRIBLE and a disgrace for such type of service event (funeral) I got ripped off and never again in my LIFETIME. BUYERS BEWARE OF AVASFLOWERS.COM

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