Avasflowers - Beyond mad

I ordered flowers for my friend's birthday days in advance to be delivered. They were never delivered and I spent 2 days for hours calling to find out what was going on.

The call center was not able to help, couldnt tell me anything, and kept transferring me to "someone who could better help me", just to listen to dead air for hours. I then sent emails and took days for a response, then offered to deliver at a later date or store credit! Are you kidding me???? You missed the birthday!

I responded to the email to never get a response, and called the call center again. I was told then, I would be issued a refund in 3 to for days. So more of a wait!!

No apologies, nothing at all to make up for their mistake after mistake. I would never reccommend this place to anyone!!!

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Avasflowers - Unable to get delivery confirmation!

Ordered flowers on a Sunday for a family member who lost a sister. Wanted the flowers delivered the next day.

Was told that they would send a delivery confirmation and it is now Wednesday and still not confirmation. Have made 3 calls concerning this and, of course, they are unable to contact the delivery person, or the shop the original order was made with.

Was also told that I was speaking to a person directly connected to the "local" florist where the order would be made, but being it was a Sunday, I was speaking to the answering service. I will dispute this charge and please, save yourself any aggravation and don't use this flower shop website.

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Avasflowers in Providence, Rhode Island - Flowers not deliverd to Funeral

I ordered a $132 standing basket of lilies for my best friend's father's service. I paid expedited shipping to have it arrive on the day of the service before 10 am.

I received word from my friend and confirmation from the widow that the flowers were never delivered. How humiliating and heartbreaking!!. I called and spoke to a few rude "customer service" agents and waited on hold for almost 30 minutes to get a refund.

There was no offer to make amends on top of the credit by sending something to the widow free of charge to make up for their error. Will NEVER use again!!!

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Avasflowers in Canton, Michigan - SCAM!

I wanted to send flowers to my friend because she got a huge promotion at work. I shopped around online and found avas. I put in my info for 10 gerber dasies. I then saw the CRAZY shipping cost and canceled the order. I got a confirmation 2 hours later for an order for $40.

I called the company and told them I did not authorize this order and to cancel it. They said they would put in a ticket and it would be canceled on the following day ( monday) the man who wrote the ticket was named Mark and gave me a confirmation number. He also stated that i would hear from someone via email by 10;00 am on Monday.

I did not hear form anyone. By 4:00 p.m. I called back inquiring about the cancelation. Someone named valerie answered and clainmed to have never heard of anyone named Mark working at their company and could not find my ticket number. She said it was too late and the order was already processed and sent. Again this was an order that I NEVER AUTHHORIZED.

I continued to call where I would get put on hold and then be disconnected. The last call I made was at 7:30 p.m. I was placed on hold and at 8:05 someone picked up and informed me they were closed and I should cll back during normal business hours.

I gave up and figured it was a lost casue but at least my friend would get some surprise gerber dasies to congratulate her for her promotion.

WRONG! I find out that flowers were delivered to my friend's house. Her name is Barb. This was on the box. When she opened them there was a card for someone named Abagail. The flowers were 2 stems of baby's breath or lilly of the valley. Either way they were the wrong flowers and sent to the wrong person.

I called once again. After being rudely talked to and placed on hold several times. I was told that since my order was delivered there was nothing they could do. MY ORDER WAS NOT DELIVERED.

I will now have ot contact my credit card and dispute the transaction. I have never ever made a dispute in my life and am disappointed that I have to make on e now because of this company.

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Avasflowers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Won't deliver flowers I ordered

I ordered flowers on line on a Sat to be delivered Mon. Mon I received an email saying they tried unsuccessfully to deliver.

I sent an email and called them Mon evening. Then on Tuesday they sent the same automated email that they tried to deliver. I have never had this problem with a florist. I am appalled and furious.

I have emailed and called Tuesday. They put me on hold for an excessive length of time.

I am concerned that this may not even be a florist but just a scam. I plan to report to Better Business Bureau.

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Avasflowers in Houston, Texas - WILL NEVER USE COMPANY AGAIN!

I ordered Birthday flowers for my best friend yesterday... Paid the extra money to have them delivered by 11:00 am this morning...

GUESS WHAT, Its 3:05 and my flowers have still not been delivered. NEEDLESS to say, my best friend has already left work and did not receive her birthday flowers. I called the SUPER UNFRIENDLY UNHELPFUL 1-800 number and was told the same story every single time... We are unable to get a hold of the driver.

Not to mention the fact i was transferred ALL over the place, hung up on numerous times, asked to speak to a supervisor time after time in which they would hang up on me instead of letting me speak to a manager ....



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Houston, Texas, United States #740203

I ordered flowers for a funeral. I WILL NEVER EVER USE Avas Flowers again!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps out the next person thinking of using them. The arrangement I selected from the picture on their website was NOTHING like what was delivered to the funeral home. Paying $2.99 for a card, is a waste of money, I was thinking it was an actually card with nice writing like a greeting card. Just someone's handwriting with the words you have given.....you are better off buying your own greeting card.

This was my 1st time buying flowers from offline, to me it is all about customer service & how you treat your customers. If you knew you couldn't supply me with the arrangement that I actually selected from the pictures that are on your website.....I consider this FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!! When people are buying offline and a picture is what is presented to them as the product they are wanting, I think they should get it. What is sad the picture I saw was nothing like what arrived at the funeral home.

Even the colors were different. When I contacted them to see how would they compensate me for this error, I was not PLEASED at all. They say they have a right to make SUBSTITUTION on your order. My picture had a stand with it, but ofcourse Avas says that was the funeral homes responsibility & the funeral home stated it was the flower shop's responsibility.

The flowers were a different color sent to the funeral home based on the actual picture I saw on Avas website. My thing is why not notify the buyer that you don't have something on hand to fullfill the order the way the buyer excepts to receive it. Than let the buyer know, instead of making changes without notification. All I was offered was some rewards points......I don't order flowers often, so this is HORRIBLE to me.

What happened to a percentage off your next purchase, or I will send you back a portion of your money for order not being correct????? I'm sure there are better flower shops out there that will give you what you pay for, BUT Avas is NOT a good flower shop. Browse online & actually make a purchase at your own risk.

You have BEEN WARNED, this is the one located in Houston, TX!!!!!! Plus, my mistake I should have read up on them before making a purchase, because now I see they do have some compliants.

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Avasflowers in Louisville, Kentucky - Wrong Cheaper Flowers Delivered

A poor rating doesn't begin to explain my experience with Avas Flowers. The flowers delivered were a supposed to be a $50.00 arrangement, it was barely a $25.00 arrangement, and not as shown in the picture, not even close.

I have now spent 4 days on the phone with Avas Flowers trying to fix this situation. And I even talked to the florist who made the arrangement. They didn't get the correct info from Ava Flowers as what to make. I recommend that you avoid Ava Flowers, call the florist directly and deal with them.

This has been a nightmare. Try to send flowers and do something nice for someone should not end up being a headache. The $50.00 arrangement ended up being a $25.00 arrangement. The monies I spent with Avas Flowers was not transferred to the florist who made the arrangement.

This is highly illegal and fraud. The florist received $30.00 and thus made a smaller arrangement than I was expecting. I know this because I found the florist and spoke to them personally. Then Avas Flowers wanted the florist to remake the flowers at the florists own expense, which is not fair to the florist either.

If Ava Flowers operated like it was supposed to, none of this would have happened. So far, I have spoken to Eric, Gella and who knows who else at Ava's Flowers. I have been offered replacement flowers, a dozen roses, discount coupons, but they still refuse to cancel the charges on my credit card. Gives a whole new meaning to BUYER BEWARE!!!

They also promised flowers to be delivered via UPS today to the recipient's home, and then suddenly none of those flowers were available from their "main" flower shop.

And I'm talking red, pink and white flowers. How can those colors not be available this close to Valentine's Day?

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Avasflowers - Flowers not delivered

I ordered flowers from Avas flowers via telephone and the same day delivery. The flowers were not delivered on that day.

Checking the status the next day, it said the order was out for "redelivery". I assumed that my mother-in-law was not at home the previous day to accept delivery. She called Avas Flowers and was told which florist in Jamestown would be making thethe delivery. My mother-in-law drove to that florist, who stated they had not received an order.

The florist had to call Avas customer support 3 times before the order was finally received. So how could the order status be "out for redelivery" when the order was never sent in the first place. And when placing the order, I was told that my first credit card was declined. I had him try it again, and it went thru.

After reading the other reviews, I see that this is the standard procedure. I will NEVER use Avasflowers again.

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Avasflowers in New York, New York - Completely diferent arraingment

I ordered a flower arraingment for my daughter to be deliverd to her work place. I spoke to an agent at first and then called back and got someone named"George" who said he was at the store and was the design manager.

I asked him if the arraingment would be exactly as was in the photo becasue I chose that exact one becasue of the types of flowers that were in it. He said he did have all the flowers on hand and that it would be as shown. I asked him for a direct number to the "shop" and he gave me the same number except that the last four digits were different.I also paid for the premium ,which was shown to be extremely large. I also ordered a mylar balloon.

When my daughter came home I looked at the arringment and it was NOTHING at all, not even close to what I orderd. It was this tiny arraingment with completely different flowers in it. I did not recive the balloon either. When I called the number he gave me it was a non working number, I knew then that I had benn duped.

I then called the number on the site and got the run around for twenty minutes. I told them that If I did not get the identical arringment sent to my home between the hours I was avalable, I would see them in small claims court and that I was already notifying my charge card co. which I did. I can not find them anywhere in the directory listed as having a store in my area.

I will take this as far as I need to to get my card credited back.

Maybe even calling, Shame on you on t.v. DON'T EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, and do what is necessary to hold them accountable!

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Avasflowers in Woodbury, New Jersey - No Flowers, No Response

On Monday morning, I ordered a Funeral Basket from Avas Flowers for my daughter’s grandfather who passed away the previous week. Because the service was to be held Tuesday afternoon, I was charged an additional $9.99 for an 11 AM express delivery.

At 2 PM, I checked the delivery status online and it said that my order was being processed for delivery. I then called Avas customer service (spoke to a (Christy or Kelsey) and was told that the delivery would be made by 4 PM. At 6 PM, my daughter texted me to say that the flowers had not arrived. I then spent the next 3 hours trying to contact an Avas customer service person to find out what happened… every time I would get an actual person on the line, the call would disconnect.

When I checked the delivery status this morning, their website states that my order has been sent out for redelivery. There was never any first attempt to deliver, and at this point, unless they can deliver to Heaven, any future attempt to deliver is pointless. I have since called and emailed them in an attempt to resolve this but have not received any response. At this point, I just want my money back!

Avas can make easy by just refunding me the money, but my bank assured me that they would make it happen if needed. Nothing can be done to make up for the embarrassment Avas Flowers caused me and my daughter. All I can do is advise anyone considering using this company to stay away.

They are not reputable company… they’ll take your money, not deliver what you ordered, and you’ll never hear from them again. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS JUST STAY AWAY!!!

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