Avasflowers in Cottonwood, Arizona - Unacceptable

I ordered a specific floral arrangement for a memorial service. The flowers were delivered on time, however, they were wilted and pitiful.

Not at all the quality, not at all like the picture from which I ordered, not the same colors and not even the same # of flowers. Mostly just a paltry few wilted things in a huge bunch of greenery. I was terribly embarrassed. Customer service said they were willing to send another arrangement or a fruit basket.

I asked them, "Send it to whom? This was a memorial service. Everyone has gone home." They offered store credit.

Since I am NEVER going to use them again this was unacceptable. They would not discuss a refund so I am unable to obtain any satisfaction.

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Avasflowers in Brookshire, Texas - Beyond Irate - Ruined birthday

Ordered flowers for my sister's birthday since she lives in another state. Ava's flowers NEVER delivered the flowers!!

After sitting on hold for over 40 mins and talking with at least 7 different people, they couldn't tell me why they didn't get delivered! They ruined my sister's bday and almost wouldn't refund my money until I pretty much demanded it!! Customer service is horrible and the "dedicated" workers DO NOT CARE!!

Absolutely ridiculous company and I can't believe they have been in business for so long or are even still in business! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT TO DELIVER FLOWERS TO SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT!!!

Brookshire, Texas
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Avasflowers - Beyond Pissed OFF

Beyond pissed off. Our daughter gave birth yesterday and we couldnt be there because we are 500 miles away so I ordered flowers to be delivered by 5 pm and they never showed up.

Called at 8:30pm and was connected with the answering service. He said that they florist called the hospital emer. room to find out where what room she was in but since she was in maternity (**I ordered a big pink "its a girl balloon") they didnt deliever them, oh and didnt call me to let me know. He said he would have them upgraded at no cost and sent back out this morning.

Website says they are out for delivery first thing so dont know if they were ever actually upgraded.

Been on hold with the 877# 4 times for all together 40 mins (hung up on 3 times and still have not been able to speak to a manager.) Even called the main number for the store in NYC who then transfered me to the 877# again. NEVER AGAIN will i order from them again and I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

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Avasflowers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - FLOWERS NEVER DELIVERED- "Customer service" didn't care

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!! Not only did the flowers NEVER get delivered to the recipient after paying to have them expedited, I've spent TWO days calling and talking to customer service reps who were rude, not helpful and refused to let me speak to a supervisor or issue me a refund!!! I have never had a worse experience with a service provider in my life! Will NEVER choose Ava's flowers ever again!

They sent me a survey asking for my feedback and I responded with this same message and they STILL won't give me a refund!!! They're telling me I have to pay for their restocking fee if I want a refund!!!

Severely pissed off!!!

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Avasflowers - Wrong product will not refund

I ordered a flower bouquet, with a balloon and card for a new birth to some very close friends of ours. I paid $56.

They got 4 balloons and a card. I called the first day, the guys couldn't even understand that there was anything wrong. Told me i couldn't have a refund for product i didn't receive but they could send out a new one for Tuesday ( they won't even be in the hospital anymore and the moment is already gone). Asked to talk to a manager, never got to talk to someone, said he was out, never got a call back either.

Called the next day still yet again will not refund my money, i will be disputing the charge with my cc company.

Do not use these people, the last thing the lady said to me was well if you want to do it the hard way. How awful, so now i have paid $56 for balloons

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Avasflowers in Harlingen, Texas - Angry Black Female!!! Never ever experienced service from a florist like this.

I placed an order online, after reading the raving 5 star review on 2/7/2013, for a florist arrangement with a delivery date of 02/08/2013, to my place of employment for a member of the staff, as a Thank-you surprise from her team-mates. I even added a special request to please deliver before 11 a.m.

Nevertheless, I called the job to see if the arrangement had arrived yet, and the Administrator stated, not yet. I was working at another clinic for this day, the flowers never arrived, my last call to the clinic was at 6p.m. When I arrived home, I immediately checked my e-mail to see if maybe they left me a message, I also checked my cell phone and home phone for message,I receieved nothing. I did recieved a E-Mail confirmation of my order, with no confirmation number, nor did I receieve a confirmation number after I placed this order.

So, I immediately call customer service, and the gentlemen answered the phone with a nasty attitude I do believe he grunt in phone and said speak. I then ask is this Ava Florist,he said Yeah. I was livid, because if this is the way a place of business answer a business phone, I see why the arrangement did not arrive. I ask this person if there was anybody other then him I can speak with, because apparently he can't help because he sounded liked he didn't want to be there.

This fool, then have the audacity to say, "Ok, how can I help you. I immediately told him, not with a thing can he help me, but I when I call back, I hope its with anybody but him. I call back 5 minutes later,to the customer service number and was told by the automatic answering service that I was placed on as #3 on a cube for the call waiting. Finally, I connect to only be waiting, as if my call was lost.

Called again and young lady customer service represent answer, I explain that I did not recieved the flora arrangement, she ask for my information, to forward to the local florist, I told her tell them to keep their flowers because I want a complete refund, she then tells me someone will call me tommorrow.

Never ever have I encountered service so bad . This business needs to be banned from online activity.

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Avasflowers in Wilmington, North Carolina - Floral delivery request that was a disaster.complete SCAM

Update by user Mar 14, 2013

Just an update. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of New York.

They were very receptive, even though Avas Flowers is not a member. They contacted Avas Flowers. I received a message back from BBB that Avas has not responded to their request. They ask me if there had been a resolution.

I sent a response to BBB that there had been no resolution from Avas...NO refund of money...NO return of phone call...NOTHING!!! BBB will note in this in their file about Avas Flowers. At least that is something. I also filed with the New York City Chamber of Commerce.

EVERYONE should do this!!! At least it is something.

Avas IS a MEMBER of the Chamber of Commerce!! Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

20 West 44th Street, 4th floor New York City, NY 10036 P 212-686-7220 THis company needs to be stopped!!!!

Original review posted by user Feb 08, 2013

I ordered an flowering plant to be delivered for my daughters birthday and It was NOT delivered. I was charged $65 dollars.

I tried for 2 days to call and was transfered and hung up on 10 times and was put on hold for hour. When I did get a human on the line I was transferred again. I would report this company to the Better Business Bureau but apparantly even the BBB won't accept them....THis Company is a COMPLETE SCAM!!!! Do not do business with them.

They should be charged with fraud. This is totally ridiculous that they get away with it.

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Avasflowers in Indianapolis, Indiana - Dave Trimpe

First, I got only half of the flowers I ordered, second, they were brown and appeared to be half dead. Pretty much ruined the surprise for my wifes anniversary, You then tried to make up for it with sending more flowers which were'nt even the same.

I could have bought the same at my local Kroger for about 8.99. As stated in previous correspondence that I had already replaced the flowers on my own and wished for a refund. Instead without notifying me they sent more of a lesser flower which my wife and I thought was very tacky.

I'm sure this won't make to your website but thanks for nothing and ruining the surprise. I have learned my lesson.

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Avasflowers in Portland, Oregon - No action, just nothing.

I ordered flowers for overnight delivery on 2/1. The weren't ever shipped and via the UPS tracking I could see for days that there hadn't been any action at all.

I received a "How was our service?" Style form email on 2/3 and immediately responded that they hadn't even been shipped and that I wanted the delivery fee refunded. A response from the company said that they were sorry and that the charged were reversed. Called 2/4 because it still hadn't shipped and was reassured by Jennifer, a representative, that they would be guaranteed to be received by the following afternoon...she also doubled the size of the vase and reconfirmed my refund. It's been three days and nothing has happened.

I have called, emailed, and rues he'd out a number of times. Jennifer no longer answers her extension. I finally was able to speak to someone after four or five times calling and being routed to a hold ***. I explained my story and he said he'd be happy to help.

He put me on "hold," which actually was back in the *** and eventual,y disconnected. I just contacted my bank to dispute the charges and will do anything in my power to expose this company as fraudulent.

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Avasflowers in New York, New York - Avas Flowers

Ordered flowers online and paid in full. Flowers were not delivered.

Called 4 times and the Avas customer NO service could not find order, transferred me to different departments and when I did get a hold of a human, they hung up on me. I emailed the complaint and filled out their customer complaint section of their website but no-one has returend a call or email. So they have chareged my business credit card and I cannot cancel or get a refund from these jokers. Filed a compaint with the Better Businss Bureau.

Of course they are not an accredited busienss. They barely speak English and you have to repeat yourself over and over.

What a scam. Do not order from www.AvasFlowers.Com

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