Avasflowers in Peachtree City, Georgia - UNBELIEVABLE!

I went on the Ava's Website and found an amazing arrangement of pink flowers in a pink vase with a cute little frame for the new baby girl- I ordered them along with a balloon and a card- total $75.00.... Imagine my surprise when the recipient of the flower bouquet sent me a picture of the flowers along with a "thank you" I was completely embarrassed at what I saw- the bouquet was HALF DEAD, in no way even remotely resembled the bouquet I ordered- the balloon was tied haphazardly into the arrangement and the vase was horrendous- needless to say, I called Ava's and demanded a refund- the BARELY ENGLISH SPEAKING person on the other end kept reading from her script and saying that they couldn't give me a refund- they would give me a store credit for 1 dozen long stem red roses- I explained I didn't want a store credit because I would never use them again for anything- and while I was at it, I would spread the word to NEVER USE AVA's FLOWERS!

I am still shaking I am so mad about this- When I asked about the local florist they used, I was told they couldn't tell me due to Customer Service commitment... I asked where was there commitment to the real customer?

ME?!! I have bever had an issue with substitutions before- they have atleast been very close to the actual picture shown on website- I am just appalled that I can't ask for a refund even when I have the pictures to prove the point-




Wow that is ugly, nothing like what it is supposed to be.

My aunt was in the hospital and I was going to send her flowers...after looking at how expensive they were and also how they often don't look like the illustration on the sale site (checked reviews)...I bought her a big bottle of her favorite Lancome perfume for the same price and had it sent gift wrapped.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #621271
I never got anything directly from Ava's flowers- but, since I made the purchase through Paypal- I was able to dispute the charge and after an investigation by Paypal, I got a full refund. :grin
Oak Harbor, Washington, United States #612219

I ordered this same bouquet for my daughter-in-law for the birth of our granddaughter. I was appalled when the bouquet that was delivered, it was carnations and baby's breath and a ton of greenery.

Vase was clear, not pink. Vase had no magnetic frame which was described at part of the bouquet. I have called and have talked to several people supposedly in customer service. They told me that they were delivering another bouquet.

That was two days ago. Tonight I have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge. I plan on contacting the local florist that avasflowers has contracted with, and I will complain to them too! This whole website ordering is a mess.

I could barely understand anything that the people at avasflowers who I talked too. Very poor English. This place is based out of New York. I thought I was dealing with a florist in Anacortes, Washington.

I refuse to pay for something that I did not order. This arrangement had roses and lilies.

They could have substituted with another color of roses, but carnations and baby's breath? Tose of you who order with credit cards, just remember you can dispute the charges.

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Avasflowers in San Francisco, California - Avas Flowers - No service and no care for their customers

I ordered a bouquet for valentines day to be sent to my distance girlfriend, what she received was borderline compost. She could not even tell what type of flowers they were.

I sent two emails and made three phone calls. I tried to get a new arrangement sent to my girlfriend, nothing has come. It has already been a week and now customer support is telling me there is nothing they can do for me.

I was robbed of my money which is a big deal to me as I am a full time college student who does not have a job because my time is occupied with school and an internship. Save yourself and never use avas flowers, it is a scam.

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Avasflowers in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Dead flowers for Valentines

My daughter received DEAD flowers from AVAS. Her boyfriend who is a college student scraped up enough money to send her flowers for the first time.

This was a huge sacrifice and act of love on his part. They are long distance sweethearts and this was a much anticipated experience for both of them. AVAS had the nerve to send a second arrangement that was a promised upgrade. HA, the joke was more sorry looking flowers and severely damaged roses.

My daughter didn't want to complain and ruin her boyfriends surprise. Ava you blew it and you do not care!

You need to refund this nice young man's money. Of course your promise of customers satisfaction is a lie.

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Avasflowers in Highland Park, Texas - valentines flowers for my daughter, she never received .

I ordered Valentines flowers for my daughter, Ava's promised to deliver them by 5:00 pm on valentines day, she (Never) received them and Ava's makes it all but impossible to talk to any representatives but if you have the patients to stay on hold forever when a person finally answers you can expect to be transferred as I was five times and then finally get someone who you can hardly understand and obviously has no education because you have to spell out everything to them several times very slowly, it seems like a ploy to make you mad so you will just hang up, but I went through the whole spill to no avail, I left feedback to no avail, so far six days later I have heard nothing from Ava's, I would like to see them in jail for this.

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Avasflowers in Tampa, Florida - How do we shut this place down?

I should have read the reviews first. I ordered an arrangement on 2/19 for same day delivery to a funeral service.

I ordered at 10:49am EST to be delivered before 6:00pm EST same day as the website "guaranteed" it. Checked the status all day and it never changed: "processing for delivery". I called at 5:53pm and was transferred by the Operator, Tina, without explanation, to a voicemail. I called back and spoke to a lady who said she did not have confirmation but she "called" the supposed designer who did not answer.

I was told the driver was out for delivery and would return between 7-8pm.

I called back and spoke to the answering service. They too had no confirmation and told me the arrangement was not delivered.

I was told a "ticket" would be entered and I should call back in the morning.

This company is preying upon your emotions, they will not deliver what they "promise" on the website. They need to be shut down.

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Avasflowers - Charm Her Lily Fraud

I ordered Charm Her Lily Bouquet for Valestien's Day delivery after 3pm. Received a vase before 2pm that had a bunch of wilted and dying flowers in it and no pendant.

I called and complained, after a few tries to reach an actual person, sent emails, and every response was informing me of something different of why this happened. I had got them to agree to redeliver and was told I'd be called if the Charm Her Lily Bouquet wasn't available. Now today I found out they redelivered a bouquet. This time the flowers were alive and actually looked good but still no pendant.

I called again and this time I was hung up on twice, then talked to someone who seemed eager to help. Once again I was told no refunds but I could have it redelivered and I'd be contacted if it wasn't available. I was also informed that at this point in time the Charm Her Lily Bouquet was no longer in stock but yet their website says it is. I like how companies an have false advertising yet get away with it because of a substitution clause.

Neither bouquet was worth the $101.58 I had spent in order to get the Faith Hill pendant!

I plan on continuing to call until get a refund or the pendant. Maybe after contacting a few review sites and the BBB, I might have a better chance of something happening.

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Avasflowers - Ava's Flowers

02/06/2013 :I ordered two bouquets of flowers from www.avasflowers.com on 2/6/13, to be delivered on 2/14/13. A total of $64.93 charged to my Mastercard. When placing the order, the website inquired about the desired time for delivery. I specified that the deliveries needed to be made by 4 p.m., since the flowers were being delivered to a school. The flowers were paid for, but never received. Here is what has transpired since then:

Correspondence from 2/14/13: I called Ava's Flowers three times, beginning at 5:00 p.m.1st time: I was on hold for 21 minutes. I was disconnected. 2nd time: I was on hold for 13 minutes. I spoke to someone who put me on hold for 24 minutes. They never returned. 3rd time: I was on hold for 17 minutes, then received an answering service who could not do anything but take my number. I was told that I would receive a call back. It never happened.

Correspondence from 2/15/13:I called four times. 1st time: I was disconnected. 2nd time: I was on hold for 18 minutes. 3rd time: I was on hold for 12 minutes, then I spoke to a customer service representative. I was put on hold for 18 more minutes, then disconnected.4th time: I was on hold for 21 minutes, then spoke to a customer service representative who took my name and number. 5th time: I was on hold for 9 minutes, then spoke to another customer service representative who hung up on me.

Correspondence from 2/18/13:2/18/13: I called today... 4 different times. 1st time: I was in the *** for 13 minutes. I spoke to Tyrone, who said he was putting me through to his manager. 8 minutes later, after the manager never answered, I was disconnected. 2nd time: I was put through to a female. She could barely spell or talk. She pretended to look for my order, but never found it. She put me on hold without even telling me she was putting me on hold. Eventually I was disconnected. 3rd time: I was in the *** for 4minutes before I was disconnected. 4th time: I spoke to Tyrone again (after being in the *** for 4 minutes). He has put me on hold. I have been on hold for 6 minutes. Update: I was disconnected after 8 minutes of being on hold.5th time: I was on hold for 13 minutes this time. I finally spoke to Sherry who is part of an answering service. She is the only individual who has been friendly and who genuinely appears to care about customer satisfaction. (Of course, she doesn’t work for Ava’s Flowers… she works for an answering service.) She read, out loud, her email to the "floral manager." (This floral manager must be ONE IMPORTANT PERSON to not have had time to visit with me over the past three business days that I have been calling. In fact he / she has never called me back, as I have been promised five times. What an important person this is.)6th time:Wow. This time, the phone rang for 12 minutes before Marciel answered. I guess everyone was on break. I held for another 4 minutes. I was disconnected. 7th time:I called, and was disconnected again. I was on hold for 11 minutes this time. 8th time:IAN answered this time, after being in the "***" for 6 minutes. He actually ACTED like he wanted to help. He put me on hold for 3 minutes. I was disconnected.9th time:Taylor answered. I was on hold for 12 minutes. Disconnected again.

Correspondence from 2/19/13:I called at 12:01:Serimah answered and placed me on hold for 8 minutes, until 12:09. I then spoke to Kristina who would not issue a refund. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she wouldn't let me. She hung up on me.

I called at 12:14:Maria answered, and placed me on hold until 12:26. I was then disconnected.

I called at 12:26:I was placed on hold for 6 minutes. At 12:32, I spoke to Linda who is with the answering service. She advised me that the service has been SWAMPED with calls to Ava’s Flowers (which leads me to believe that customers are calling for the same reason I am.) She took my name and information and promised to forward this information to the person in charge, and I would receive a call. (Since I have been calling for three days, this is not true.)1:59 p.m:It reads (cut and pasted below):Hi Kristen,

We deeply value your relationship with us and are committed to provide you with the highest level of service. If you have further comments or questions regarding this matter, please call us at 877 638 3303.

From our Family to yours, we sincerely thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you.


(877) 638-3303 Phonecontact@avasflowers.com

I called at 2:24 p.m.:Tina answered. I asked her the mailing address for Ava’s Flowers. She told me that there is no mailing address for them. She put me on hold and I was disconnected.

I called at 2:30 p.m.:Ian answered. I asked him for the mailing address for Ava’s Flowers. He forwarded me to an answering machine. I left a message to have someone call me back.

I called at 2:33 p.m.:Steve answered. He told me he doesn’t know the mailing address for Ava’s Flowers. He forwarded me to another answering machine.



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1271481

This sounds like my experience!! I've been scammed for about $100. I will do everything I can to make sure no one I know EVER orders from Avasflowers.net...kypxbd


I had similar experience. I ordered the flowers once, they sent wrong flowers and promised to resend the correct flowers next time.

However, they again sent the wrong cheap flowers with a wrong card.

Can expect much from them anymore!

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Avasflowers in Norfolk, Virginia - Do Not Order From This Company

I ordered flowers for my girlfriend for Valentines day. I assumed they would not make it there on time due to the occasion.

They came the next day, but it wasn't even the product I ordered. After A few days of trying to Get someone on the phone, they told me they could replace the order but it wouldn't be able to be delivered for another week. After asking for my refund, because I no longer need flowers, and a week later is ridiculous being that they advertise same day delivery, they said they would be able to deliver it in 2 days. So they apparently lied the first time.

Still demanded my refund and they did not comply. I explained to them they could come get their product that I never asked for if they wanted it back.

Then all I got was rude responses and a bunch of Non-sense. Not using them ever again, and I hope no one will in the future.

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Avasflowers in Forest Grove, Oregon - Do not order; I warned you!!!!

Called to place order for flowers to be delivered on Valentines day; called on the 13th to place order; didnt think they would be able to get flowers there by the 14th; advised customer service rep I placed order with if can not get there by the 14th I dont want to place order; After several guarantees and checking to see if a spot is available; I did not receive my flowers until the 15th and they where the wrong ones. Called twice now; spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get a manager to call me back; It was easy to place order and take my money; which I followed through with; they have completely dropped the ball...

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Avasflowers - SCAM - Not a Local Florist

Googled for a local Wellesley MA florist and found Ava's. A local Family business in Wellesley.

Their print and phone info states repeatedly that it is a local florist - didn't note until after all the problems that they are careful to use the word "local" never the city on the phone. Called to complain about no delivery - 5 days after the expected delivery - Spoke with accented english speaker - asked where they were located and told NYC.-not even sure that's true. This is just a huge rip-off of a company. I am currently on hold as I type this.

Have been transferred twice, put on hold 3 times. Again the hold recording is saying they are a one of the top locally owned, family businesses. I guess if you never say what the locality is it isn't a lie? Just put on hold again, Let's see what's going to happen....Put on hold again.

That's 5 times. I think the theory is they will just wear you down with the holding until you give up. I can hear a lot of chattering in the background sounds like a poorly run call center. the operator who apparently thinks she has me on hold is complaining that she can't close any of her tickets.

Ok- she said I should receive a refund in 3-6 days. I'm not holding my breath. PLEASE do yourself a favor and find a REAL LOCAL FLORIST.

Update: received an email from Ava's saying there was a problem with billing and a rep would be contacting me soon. Run from this company

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